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Don't forget it is the summer fete on Saturday 7th July - 12pm to 3pm

After School club - Energy Kidz

After school care every day until 6pm...


Energy Kidz runs the after school club within our school building and grounds every night.  The children are provided with a snack and a wealth of resources in order to have a relaxing or exhilarating evening - dependent on their own choice!  At a cost of £12.20 per day, you can be sure your child will be safely looked after until you come to collect them.  


In order to book with Energy Kidz, you will need to be registered with them.  When registering your child, please give as many contacts and phone numbers as possible, and include as much information as you can about your child, for example dietary requirements and any allergies.


On the last day of this term, Wednesday 20th December, the after school club will be running from 1.30pm to 4.30pm.


Registering your child is easy!  Just click on the link below.


All bookings are taken online here