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Don't forget it is the summer fete on Saturday 7th July - 12pm to 3pm

Autumn 2

11th- 15th December

After an unexpected snow-day on Monday, the children were very excited (after lots of practising!) to finally perform the Nativity to their families! The children sang loudly and a great time was had by all. Reception Staff were extreamly proud of the children for all the hard work they put in and performing so brilliantly in the final performances.








There have been lots of Christmas activities happening in class this week. In literacy, we have written a letter to Santa to let him know what we like for Christmas, and we have also been using our recently learned knowledge of 2D shape to explore the properties of various 3D shapes through wrapped Christmas presents!


On Friday, during the science show, we met Atomic Tom who showed us lots of amazing experiments. As you can see from the expressions on the children’s faces, they were delighted to watch the show!












December 4th - 8th


This week in Reception, we have worked very hard on our Nativity which we are performing next week; the children have put a lot of effort into learning the songs and actions!


We have also continued looking at teen numbers and exploring it through Numicon; we have found that there is some naughty numbers: 11, 12, 13 and 15, which try to confuse us because it is easy to think they should be oneteen, twoteen, threeteen and fiveteen.




Christmas is now in full swing and the children have enjoyed working in Santa's workshop and making Christmas crafts for the classroom, including a paper chain Christmas tree. There has also been a mischievous visitor in the department - Cookie the Elf, whom the children love to write to.










27th November-1st December


With only two weeks until the Early Years Christmas productions rehearsals have been a key part of this week.  The children have really been using their attention and listening skills and they are working hard to follow two part instructions.  

In maths we have introduced numbers 11-19.  We will continue to focus on these numbers for the rest of the term.  The children are using their knowledge of 0-10 and the numicon pieces to help them to explore the bigger numbers.  When you are out and about please encourage your child to look for these numbers or give them opportunity to count quantities beyond 10.  


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20th -24th November


This week the children have been learning about the names and properties of 2D shapes, they have played games with shapes and also used the chalks outside to draw shapes.

As the weather is now getting colder the children have also made bird feeders to hang up in the garden, there was a lot of discussion about why the birds need the feeders during the colder months.


The children have found out what 'hibernation' means.  Much fun was had moving around like animals, pretending to look for food and then finding a cosy place for a long winter sleep.  The children have also been writing about woodland animals, looking at a woodland picture for inspiration.  They are working hard to segment the sounds in words to help them to write using their 'Fred fingers'.

13th-17th November


This week we have been learning about Remembrance Day and have been using our phonics skills to write labels for Remembrance Day pictures and using out snipping skills to cut out our very own poppies.




In maths we have been learning about length and vocabulary that is used in relation to length, for example: "long", "short", "tall", "longer", "shorter", "taller" and "longest", "shortest", "tallest", we are very careful to not muddle up tall (vertical) and long (any orientation) when describing objects. We explored this concept with a range of resources including ribbons, multi-link, sticks and even ourselves!




We have been observing change over time including ice in exploring time and food in our group sessions. We talked about what happened to the ice as the day went by and offered explanations for why this happens. We also have predicted what may happen to a range of different foods which are safely sealed away in a zip lock bag and will see if our predictions are correct in a weeks time.




Finally, it has of course been Children in Need, the children loved dressing up in bright and bold clothes to raise money for a good cause.




The new term started with a visit to Sutton Courtenay Environmental Education Centre. We were really lucky with the weather and the children were able to spend a lot of time outside, making homes to keep the dormice warm, pretending to be an animal hiding food and then remembering where they had put it.  We also looked for signs of autumn and made bird feeders for the children to take home and hang in their gardens.


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