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We look forward to term starting on Wednesday 6th September. Have a great summer.

Autumn Term

In nursery the topics for the Autumn term are:

  • Who is who? Everyone is new! (September)

During the first few weeks in a brand new school the emphasis will be on establishing routines and expectations, supporting the children to use the resources appropriately, getting to know the staff, each other and the school site.  


We will look at a range of starting nursery/starting school stories to encourage the children to talk about their own lives, to explore how to make friends and to recognise similarities and differences with their own first-hand experiences.


The children will create their own self-portraits, learn new songs and staff will support each child to follow their own areas of interest and also to try something new.


  • Why do you love me so much? (October)

This topic builds upon the previous topic with an emphasis on what is special about each child.  We will share baby photographs and think about who looked after the children when they were small and what they did to care for them as babies.  


We will spend some time getting to know the 'Owl Babies' story really well, encouraging the children to participate in telling the story, using the story in their role play and giving them opportunity to find out more about owls.  The story will also be used to consider how the owls showed their love for each other and for the children to think about their own family groups.


In the final week of the topic an unloved teddy will be introduce to the class, the children will need to think about how they can care for the teddy and make him feel loved.  The topic will finish with a birthday celebration for the unloved teddy.


  • How does that building stay up? (November)


Our topics are planned to incorporate the many elements that make up the Early Year Foundation Stage curriculum.  In nursery there is a very strong emphasis on the prime areas of learning (Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development and Communication & Language).  The children have daily experiences of stories and rhymes, there are always opportunities to be creative, use a range of tools and explore a variety of malleable materials.  Outdoor learning is very important to us and we ensure that the outdoor area is a rich learning environment that encourages the children to play co-operatively, engage in a range of physical activities, explore imaginatively and access all areas of the curriculum through each child's own lines of enquiry.