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We look forward to term starting on Wednesday 6th September. Have a great summer.





Throw it, catch it, roll it, bounce it! BOING, BOING, BOING! Up and down, side to side, can you catch the bouncing ball?

Week 7 (w/c 3rd April)



We have been recapping the names of 2d shapes, including circle, semi-circle, triangle, square, rectangle, pentagon, hexagon and octagon. We have been learning how to describe the properties of these shapes. We are also learning to identify lines of symmetry within shapes.


The children enjoyed playing these games as part of our lessons - perhaps they could have a go at home too.



At the end of last week, we designed simple games. We have written a set of instructions and are going to teach the children in year 1 how to play our games!


Didcot Fire Service

On Tuesday, Didcot Fire Service visited us for a fire safety talk. The children learnt about what to do if there is a fire and some general top tips about keep safe around fire. We also had a tour of their fire engine and learnt that the firemen help people in lots of situations, not just fires.

Week 6 (w/c 27th March)



In Maths this week we have our unit of work on Fractions. This week we have focused on learning to find 1/2 and 1/4 of an amount. The children were then challenged to think about how they might find out 3/4 of an amount if they knew what 1/4 was. We used bar modelling imagery to help us with this.


The children have also been working really hard on their Maths assessments.



In Topic, we have followed a set of written instructions about how to play some simple games in PE. This is going to prepare us to come up with our own games which we will write a set of instructions for next week.


We have also begun work on a collaborative art installation - watch this space for updates!

Week 5 (w/c 20th March)

Science and Engineering Week


What a busy week it has been for Willow Class! This week has been very special for the whole school, not only have we been enjoying lots of Science but it was also our Opening Ceremony. Willow Class enjoyed taking an important role and had all been thinking about how the school has changed since September. We have come such a long way in only 24 weeks!



In Maths we have been learning to add and subtract fractions, using bar modelling to help us to think about the parts that we are adding together.



In French we have been practising our numbers to 10. Not only have been been learning to recite them but have also been learning to read the number, thinking about how the sounds are different from the English sounds.

Science Week - Egg Mobiles!

Science Week - Egg Mobiles! 1
Science Week - Egg Mobiles! 2
Science Week - Egg Mobiles! 3
Science Week - Egg Mobiles! 4
Science Week - Egg Mobiles! 5
Science Week - Egg Mobiles! 6
Science Week - Egg Mobiles! 7
Science Week - Egg Mobiles! 8
Science Week - Egg Mobiles! 9
Science Week - Egg Mobiles! 10
Science Week - Egg Mobiles! 11
Science Week - Egg Mobiles! 12
Science Week - Egg Mobiles! 13
Science Week - Egg Mobiles! 14
Science Week - Egg Mobiles! 15
Science Week - Egg Mobiles! 16
Science Week - Egg Mobiles! 17
Science Week - Egg Mobiles! 18
Science Week - Egg Mobiles! 19
Science Week - Egg Mobiles! 20
Science Week - Egg Mobiles! 21
Science Week - Egg Mobiles! 22
Science Week - Egg Mobiles! 23
Science Week - Egg Mobiles! 24
Science Week - Egg Mobiles! 25
Science Week - Egg Mobiles! 26
Science Week - Egg Mobiles! 27
Science Week - Egg Mobiles! 28
Science Week - Egg Mobiles! 29
Science Week - Egg Mobiles! 30

Week 4 (w/c 13th March)



This week we have continued to learn about fractions. We have focused on writing fractions of a shape and learnt how to order and compare fractions with the same denominator.



We have been working really hard on our information books about our favourite sport that began last week. We have used subheadings to help us to structure our writing. We learnt how to edit and improve our writing using our "purple polishing pens" before rewriting our work as a best copy for our book.



We enjoyed exploring the different ways that animals move - we particularly liked learning about th springbok and watching the incredible way that they leap through the air. We looked at a range of other animals and sorted them by the way that they move.


Week 3 (w/c 6th March)



This week has been all about fractions! We began the week by learning the key concepts that  fractions are parts of a whole and that these parts must be equal. As the week progressed, we have used these rules to help us to recognise, find, name and write fractions of a shape.



In Topic this week, we have been focusing on our favourite sports. We carried out a survey within the class and asked others what their favourite sports was. We recorded this as a tally chart then presented it as a block graph. After this, we reflected on our own favourite sports - we used non-fiction books and iPads to research some facts about this sport to get us ready to write our own information books.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

In PE, we have been been learning some rules for basketball. We learnt that travelling and doubling-dribbling are foals are not allowed in games of basket. After we had practised dribbling and passing the ball in groups, we got into our house teams to play a game of Steal The Egg. It was great fun! Take a look at the pictures below.

Week 2 (wc 27th February)



We have continued to learn about money in Maths this week. We have been thinking about solving problems involving money, for example if we were to buy two objects from a shop, how much would we spend altogether? We also learnt about how to work out how much change we would get from 50p if we were to buy something that cost less than 50p. We used counting up to help us with this. 



We had a great Science lesson where we investigated the questions "Why Should I Exercise?". We learnt about the really important role of the heart to pump blood around our body. We thought about how many times our hearts might beat per minute and used an app on the ipads to measure it for us. We were also all able to use a stethoscope to listen to our hearts working. In our investigation, we took our heart rate when we were sat down, exercised for one minute then took our heart rate again to see how much it had raised! We ended the lesson by thinking about how important it is for us to exercise to keep our bodies healthy.

World Book Day

On Wednesday, we enjoyed celebrating World Book Day. We had a special assembly in the morning where we all took part in a parade to show off our fantastic costumes. In the afternoon, we took part in a Story Detectives hunt around the school. Each class set up a story crime scene in their classroom and we moved around the school to find out what clues had been left for us to find out what the story was!

Week 1 (w/c 20th February)



This week we have got off to a fly start with our new topic BOUNCE. We have a really fun PE lesson where we explored a variety of balls. We used ball shooters to investigated how far we could get a ball to fly; we looked at how to pass balls to one another by throwing and rolling; we used dribbling to control basketballs; we explored how far bouncy balls can travel; and finally we looked at the way the balloons travel through the air. It was great fun - you can see the photographs below!



In Maths this week we have been learning about money. We reminded ourselves about how to recognise coins and notes. We have used the counting on strategy to find out how much money we have. We have also explored different ways of combining coins to make a certain amount of money . For example, 20p can be made from 5p+5p+5p+5p, 10p+10p or even 10p+5p+2p+2p+1p.



We investigated the question Do All Balls Bounce? We considered the different materials of a variety of balls and whether they are bounced. We then changed the material of the surface that the ball was bounced onto thought about if this made a difference to the bounciness of the ball.


BOUNCE! We had great fun exploring the different ways that balls move.

Bounce Optional Home Learning