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Thank you for the Days full vocals

Thank you for the days backing track

Moana Mash up full vocals

Moana Mash up backing track

Fight song full vocals

fight song backing track

A little can change our world (full vocals)

A little can change our world (backing track)

Any dream will do (full vocals)

Any Dream will do (backing track)

American Folk Odyssey (Full vocals)

American Folk Odyssey (backing track)

It's a Swing Thing (full vocals)

It's a swing thing (backing track)

You gotta be (chorus) (full vocals)

You gotta be (chorus) (backing track)

You gotta be (final chorus) (full vocals)

You gotta be (final chorus) (backing track)

We are the world (full vocals)

We are the world (backing track)

Viva La Vida (full vocals)

Viva La Vida (backing track)

Tonight belongs to us (full vocals)

Tonight belongs to us (backing track)

Pop Medley 2019 (full vocals)

Pop Medley 2019 (backing track)

Greatest Showman (part one) (full vocals)

Greatest Showman (part one ) (backing track)

Greatest Showman Part two (full vocals)

Greatest Showman Part Two (backing track)

Greatest Showman Part 3 (full vocals)

Greatest Showman Part 3 (backing track)