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Please come to our cake sale after school today - 30p a cake or 4 for £1. Money raised will go towards sponsoring a guide dog.


A solid foundation for your child's future...

Every element of our curriculum has been carefully considered from when the children start in our nursery right up to Year 6.  The skills needed for each subject area and the knowledge that is linked to those skills is planned to ensure progression and depth of each strand.  For example, children are taught the basic parts of the plant at the beginning of Year 1, by the end of that year they consider how plants in the rainforest have adapted in order to capture the most light.  This is then further developed in Year 2 when looking at conditions needed for successful growth and then through KS2 further parts of the plants are discovered when linking to germination and pollination.  


Children in our school experience a very rich curriculum, where they are exposed to a broad range of subjects, knowledge and experiences in order to prepare them for an ever changing world. Fundamental British Values are interwoven throughout the curriculum.  Children are taught English and Mathematics every day in our school.  They also have weekly science and music lessons.  Please click on the icons below to find out more about our curriculum.


Throughout the subject knowledge and skills that the children are taught, they are also taught 'soft' (but essential) skills of leadership, teamwork, reasoning, questioning and problem solving.




Curriculum handbook