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A warm welcome to the new academic year, looking forward to a busy year ahead!



Which year groups will the school open with?

In September 2016, the school will open with a nursery class (26 morning, 26 afternoon), two reception classes with 30 children in each class, a year 1 class of up to 30 pupils and a year 2 class of up to 30 pupils.  We will not be admitting pupils in Year 3 or above in 2016. 


When can older year groups join?

The school will grow from the bottom up with two reception classes joining each year until we have two classes in each year group.  We will not be opening up additional older classes at this time. The school will eventually be full around 2021.


What do I need to do if I would like my child to start at GEMS DPA?

Please go to our admissions pages for details.


Will my child need a uniform?

Yes, all children right from nursery will need a uniform.  Please go to our uniform page for more details.

Will your term dates be different from that of other schools?

The dates will generally be in line with other local Didcot schools, some Inset days may be different.