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Please come to our cake sale after school today - 30p a cake or 4 for £1. Money raised will go towards sponsoring a guide dog.



Which Year groups are open in the school?

We currently have a nursery class, two reception classes, two year 1 classes, two year 2 classes and a year 3 class and a year 4 class. Classes are currently full.  If you would like to register your interest please fill in the in year transfer form available from Oxfordshire County Council and you will be contacted should a space become available. 


When can older year groups join?

The school will grow from the bottom up with two reception classes joining each year until we have two classes in each year group.  We will not be opening up additional older classes at this time. The school will eventually be full around 2021.


What do I need to do if I would like my child to start at GEMS DPA?

Please go to our admissions pages for details.   Do also give the school a ring to arrange a visit or ask further questions.


Will my child need a uniform?

Yes, all children right from nursery will need a uniform.  Please go to our uniform page for more details.


Will your term dates be different from that of other schools?

The dates will generally be in line with other local Didcot schools.


When will the school be inspected?

As the school only opened in 2016, the school is not due for inspection until the academic year 2018-19.  The inspection could take place at any time during the school year.


How is an academy different?

The school receives funding direct from the DFE and this is the same budget as other schools.  Academies can choose to have different term dates, different curriculum (we enrich ours with languages from Year 1) and length of school day.  Our school day is slightly longer than other primary schools - we start at 8:40am and finish a 3:30pm.  There are many primary schools in Didcot that are academies now: Manor, Ladygrove Park, Willowcroft and some that are due to convert.  Our Trust supports the quality of the school through visits from the Director of Education.