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This Friday 15th March is Comic Relief Red Nose Day! For a donation of £1, the children can wear something red or something silly, plus their red noses! Please help us raise as much as possible. Thank you.


Week 3

We have had a very busy week in year 3 this week, with lots of different things going on. We have had a visit from an author who came to tell us all about her book and how she gained her inspiration for writing. We have also taken our learning into our own hands planning and conducting our own science experiments based around water, which we really enjoyed. We have also read further into our class novel of Varjak Paw with our aim this week being to write a diary entry in the role of Varjak Paw himself.

Here are a selection of photos from the last week

Week 2

Maths – Measurement

In our maths lessons this week we have moved onto our new topic of measurement. We have looked at measuring different things around the classroom in cm and how we can convert these measurements into mm. We have also taken our new topic to the next level by comparing different lengths, using our knowledge of converting between cm and mm.


English – Book Week

Our English lessons this week have been filled with lots of exciting things. We have had a trip to the Didcot library where we have learnt about the different types of books that there are, whilst being given the chance to borrow a book for ourselves. We have also visited Blackwell’s book shop in Oxford where we were given the opportunity to have a go at different activities to follow the week’s theme, as well as being given a tour of the shop that is 140 years old. Over the week we have also had the chance to write our own stories, having watched an inspirational video from the writer Alex T Smith giving us lots of different tips that he does to help gather ideas.

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Week 1

Topic – Flow

This week we have started our new topic of flow. We have been analysing rivers and the water cycle identifying some of their key features. We have begun to look at rivers in more depth having been introduced to key terminology such as: source, waterfall, valley, meander, current and mouth being given the opportunity to draw our own rivers including these sections.


English – Dialogue

Our English lessons over the next few weeks are focussed heavily on dialogue. We have been looking at the use of direct speech in different contexts such as play scripts and stories and how it gives the reader more clarification of what is happening. We were then given the opportunity to have a go at writing our own play scripts to show our understanding of using direct speech.


Maths – Statistics

In maths we have continued to focus our lessons on the topic of statistics, interpreting different sets of data that is displayed in different ways through bar charts, tally charts and pictograms. The children have been given the task to pick out key pieces of information, answering questions upon what the charts are showing using reasoning to justify their answers.