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Don't forget it is the summer fete on Saturday 7th July - 12pm to 3pm


Week 5

Maths – Measurement

In maths this week we have been carrying on with our topic of measurement. We have moved away from Metres, Centimetres and millimetres, and now started looking at mass. Our maths lessons have been very practical using weighing scales to see the weight of different objects in Kilograms and grams. We have also been using our knowledge to convert into mixed weights of grams into kilograms and grams, remembering that 1000g make 1kg.


English – River Booklet

Our English lessons have continued to be focussed around our river booklet, with the children having the chance over the week to look deeper into their chosen river by gathering more data by performing research. These booklets are really starting to come to life now with the children beginning to add fine bits of detail to make their booklets more appealing for the audience.


PE - Tennis

Our PE lessons over the term have been focussing on tennis. The pupils have been taught a series of different skills including forehand and backhand which we have been building upon over the weeks. We are now coming to the end of our tennis unit with it really been evident the progress that the pupils have made. Going into our last week our aim is to put all of the skills that we have learnt into a match situation to allow pupils to experience tennis from a competitive side.

Week 4

Topic – Transportation

In our topic lessons this week we have been learning all about the uses of rivers particularly focussing on transportation. The pupils were given the opportunity to create their own boats using the given materials, with their task being to make them float and carry some on board weight.


Maths – Measurement

In maths we have now moved away from money and started our new topic for the next few weeks of measurement. The pupils have been able to get hands on using equipment such as: trundle wheels, tape measures, metre sticks and rulers to measure different things around the school in metres and centimetres. We have also been learning how to convert from metres into centimetres to help us determine which lengths are bigger.


English – River Booklet

In English we have begun to look at some of the world’s most famous rivers. The pupils task over the next few weeks leading up to half term is to create their own river booklet around their chosen river. In our lessons this week, we have started to research our rivers finding some key facts and information about them that we can include to give our booklets more credibility.

Here are some photos of us making our boats

Here we are putting our measuring skills into action

Week 3

Topic – Plants

In our topic lessons this week we have been looking at plants. The pupils have been analysing the key features of different plants and explaining their uses. We have also looked into the plant reproduction process with the spreading of seeds through pollination.


Maths – Money

In our maths lessons this week we have progressed our topic onto money word problems. The children have been given questions where they have had to retrieve the key information from the text and identify what calculations the question is asking them to do. We have also used the bar model to help us with our maths this week, making questions more visual for the children and easier to interpret.


English – Newspaper Reports

In our English lessons this week the children were given the opportunity to write their newspaper reports, using all the data that they have collected from the previous week. The pupils have also been introduced to inverted commas and how they can be used effectively in our writing. With many of the pupils taking on the challenge to use them within their reports, giving their work more credibility.

Picture 1

Week 2

Topic – Flow

This week in our topic lessons we have explored the different features of rivers. The children were each given a particular section to focus on with their task being to produce a poster to highlight some key parts and pieces of information. We have also explored the water cycle, with the children each having a go at explaining the ongoing process through a labelled diagram using the correct terminology.


Maths – Money

This week in maths we have carried on with our topic of money. The children have now started to look at subtraction, breaking up the amounts into pounds and pence making it easier for them to obtain the correct answer. We have continued to extend our knowledge by using the inverse operations to double check our answers.


English – Newspaper Reports

In English this week the children were introduced to our new English focus of the great Thames flood. Over the next few weeks the children will be working towards writing their own newspaper reports about the flood itself. In our lessons we have looked at the key features of a newspaper report as well as taking on the role of a reporter gathering information around a topic.

Week 1

Topic – Flow

In our topic lessons this week the children were introduced to our new topic for the term of Flow. We have started the topic by exploring rivers, finding out how they are created and the dangers that they possess. We have looked at the river Thames in a lot more detail, with the pupils being set the task to create their own river Thames timeline highlighting key events that have happened over the last 500 years.


Maths – Money

Our maths lessons this week have been focussed around the topic of money. The children were given the opportunity to explore all the different ways and coins that they can use to make a certain amount of money, allowing us to access that maths mastery level. We have also looked at money addition exploring the different ways that we can add our money together to get our overall total.


English – Poetry

In English this week the children were given the opportunity to explore poetry, looking at how poets use personification to bring their poems based around an object to life. As a class we have created our own poem together, before giving the children the chance to put all their skills into action planning and writing their own poems.