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We look forward to term starting on Wednesday 6th September. Have a great summer.

Harcourt Arboretum Visit



Harcourt Arboretum


On Friday 11th November, we visited Harcourt Arboretum near Oxford. We were very lucky as the weather was beautifully sunny, even if it was a little bit cold!

A lovely lady from the Arboretum showed us some of their very special trees in the morning. We saw the tallest tree there, learnt why berries are red and why leaves fall off trees. We listened to a story about a little mouse and the Douglas Fir, made crowns from the colourful leaves that we found, had a go at collecting pine cones like squirrels and building dens for hibernating hedgehogs.

After lunch, we did some exploring of our own, trying to identify the trees we saw from the shapes of their leaves, and collected lots of interesting things to take home.

We had a fantastic day, and learnt lots!