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We look forward to term starting on Wednesday 6th September. Have a great summer.

Land Ahoy!


Get your sea legs on, it’s time to explore the salty seas and find out more about explorers like Captain Cook. Children will make boats from a range of materials, investigate floating and sinking and find out about rescues at sea. Daily mathematics and English lessons form the rest of the curriculum alongside weekly music and French lessons.


The children are reading How To Catch A Pirate by Cressida Cowell

Term 2 Week 7 (12th - 17th December)


This week we are thinking all about Christmas! As well as working really hard to prepare for our performances of Hey Ewe, we have been very busy creating Christmas crafts ready to bring home at the end of the week!


Make sure you take a look at the photographs of our Hey Ewe production in the Gallery


In Maths we have been learning to recognise, describe and name 3d shapes.

Christmas comes to Willow Class!

Term 2 Week 6 (5th - 9th December)



This week we are looking at 2d shapes. We are describing the properties of shape and using this to help us identify them, in particular circles, semicircles and quarter circles. We are also learning to visualise the different shapes that make up a compound shape.



We have been rewriting the story of Hey Ewe. We sequenced the story together as drew this story mountain to help us with our writing.



This week we have had a special visit from Atomic Tom and Cosmic Chris from Atomic Science. They were fantastic and we thoroughly enjoyed their Christmas Science Show. We thought about the difference between science and magic. With magic, the tricks remain a mystery but scientists will always explain what's going on as it helps us to understanding the world around us. We learnt about different ways that we could help science could help Father Christmas 

Take a look at the slideshow of pictures and ask your child to explain what's going on!


Amazing Science from Atomic Science!

Still image for this video

Term 2 Week 5 (28th November - 2nd December)


Hey Ewe!

As December approaches this week, the school is certainly starting to feel festive!

We are continuing rehearsals for our Christmas production of "Hey Ewe". The children are working really hard to learn the songs as well as their lines. Please continue to help your children to learn their lines at home. Costumes should be in school no later than Monday 5th December. Do let me know as soon as possible if you have any queries about this.


There will be two performances of Hey Ewe!

  • Tuesday 13th December - 2pm
  • Wednesday 14th December - 6pm


​Tickets are on sale now from the school office.



We have continued to work really hard on our written methods of calculations. This week we have focused on vertical subtraction where we need to regroup. We have Base 10 to help us with this.




This week in our Science lesson, we thought carefully about difference between an object and a material. We moved on to think about the key words that we use to describe a material, such as hard and soft, dull and shiny, or bendy or rigid.



While we are in the Christmas spirit, we are enjoying reading The Christmasaurus by Tom Fletcher.

Term 2 Week 4 (21st - 25th November)



This week in Maths, children have continued to build on their understanding of their understanding of vertical addition. This week we have been regrouping or exchanging ones and tens. We have drawn place value charts and Base 10 resources to help us.

Take a look at the pictures below to see the process that we have been through:

We think about the place value of each number         






We had a great Science lesson exploring how germs spread. One person within a group covered their hands with glitter and we observed how far it spread.




In French, we have been learning numbers to 10. We played a really fun game where we matched numerals to the word in French. We worked really hard on our pronunciation.

Term 2 Week 3 (14th - 18th November)



This week we have been adding and subtracting numbers within 1000. We used our understanding of the place value of three digit numbers to arrange the digits in place value chart before calculating the ones, tens and finally the hundreds digit to find the correct answer.



In English, we have continued to work on our explanations of the life cycle of a frog. We reminded ourselves of the features of an explanation text, such as conjunctions, adverbs of time and technical vocabulary. We have taken our time to make sure that it is our best writing.



In Science, we thought about how materials are used for particular uses. We chose from a range of materials to keep an ice cube cool and stop it from melting. To make sure it was a fair test, we discussed the variables that had to stay the same. We had great fun exploring this; we made observations about what we could see and explained our understanding.

Our History learning this week has continue to focus on Sea Rescue. We reminded ourselves about the story of Grace Darling and role played what had happened. Take a look at our powerpoint presentation below below to see how we got on.

The Story of Grace Darling

Term 2 Week 2 (7th - 11th November)



In our Maths lessons, we have been building on our knowledge of numbers to 1000. We have been learning to order and compare these numbers nd have put a lot of effort into explaining how we know which number is the greatest. To do this, we had to understand the place value of the numbers and started by comparing the Hundreds digit to see which had the greatest value - for example, 873 has 8 hundreds whilst 432 has 4 hundreds. Therefore, we know that 873 is the greater number.



This week we have been learning about explanation texts and how they should answer a "how" or "why" question. We studied an example of an explanation text "how do animals look after their young?" Looking closely at this example allowed us to really understand the features of an explanation text and we looked for examples of these, such as an introduction, questions, conjunctions, adverbs of time and technical vocabulary. We also looked at the life cycle of a sea turtle, in preparation for writing our own explanations about the life cycle of the frog next week.



Our topic work this week has focused on Sea Rescue. We learnt about the history of life boats and the amazing work that the RNLI have carried out. In addition, we thought carefully about the admirable bravery of Grace Darling, a young lighthouse keeper's daughter who is famous for rescuing survivors of a shipwreck in almighty storm.

Pirate Day!

We had great fun for our Pirate Day - a fantastic way to celebrate our Land Ahoy topic.

We took part in a treasure hunt in Maths, designed our own pirate flags, made and decorated telescopes and performed sea shanties.

Thank you to all of the parents who were able to join us in the afternoon.