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Teaching for Mastery

We use the White Rose Maths Planning as a basis for our maths work.  These support a mastery approach to learning and have been designed to support the aims and objectives of the National Curriculum.


  • Number is at the heart of the planning.  A large proportion of time is spent reinforcing number to build competency
  • Children have the opportunity to stay together as they work through the schemes as a whole group.
  • Children are given deeper problems within their own year group rather than rushing on to a new concept.



We believe that all children when introduced to a new concept should have the opportunity to build competency by taking this approach.


Concrete- children should have the opportunity to use concrete objects and manipulative to help them understand what they are doing.


Pictorial - alongside this children should use pictorial representations.  These representations can then be used to help reason and solve problems.


Abstract - both concrete and pictorial representation should support children's understanding of abstract methods. 

Maths in Action!

Maths in Action! 1
Maths in Action! 2
Maths in Action! 3
Maths in Action! 4
Maths in Action! 5

Maths overview Years 1 -6

Maths overview Years 1 -6 1
Maths overview Years 1 -6 2
Maths overview Years 1 -6 3
Maths overview Years 1 -6 4
Maths overview Years 1 -6 5
Maths overview Years 1 -6 6