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Friday 16th November is non uniform day for all children in return for a donation to Children in Need.

Mighty Metals

Week 3

Topic – Magnets

This week within our topic lessons we have been learning all about magnets. We have looked at the different types of magnets that there are and how each magnet has a north and a south pole. We have discovered that the Earth is a giant magnet and have had a go at using a compass to find north using the Earth’s magnetic field. The children have also taken part in an experiment, analysing the magnetic field of bar magnets when opposite and similar poles are facing one another to determine if there is any difference.


Maths – Multiplication & Division by 3

In our maths lessons we have carried on looking at multiplication and division, learning how different amounts can be grouped and evenly split into different sections. The pupils have also looked deeper into the topic through answering different word problems, where they are expected to do some independent thinking to determine what the questions is specifically asking them to do.


English - Iron Man

Our English lessons this week have been based around the Iron man. We have taken our learning outside at the start of the week when we were given the task to draw the Iron man to scale, taking up the whole length of the school. We have been looking deeper into the story through an author’s perspective, analysing the style of writing that Ted Hughes uses with his elaborate similes and metaphors that allow the readers to paint each image in their head. As we move into next week the pupils will be using the knowledge that they have gained to re-write chapter 1, focusing more on character description in the style of Ted Hughes.

Here are some photos of us taking part in our golf taster session.

Week 2

Celebration Week

This week in year 3 we have been celebrating Bonfire Night, Diwali and Remembrance Day. We have completed a number of different activities that have allowed us to engage in this week looking at the celebrations from different points of view. Our English lessons have been focussed around the Poppy and why this symbol is chosen to symbolise war. For this we have conducted our own research and created our own remembrance day booklets that has enabled us to really showcase our knowledge around this area. In maths we have now moved onto multiplication and Division with this week focussing on making equal groups out of different sets of resources.

Celebration Week in year 3

Week 1

Topic – Forces

This week in our topic lessons we have been carrying on exploring different forces. The children have looked deeper into gravity and friction having been set the task to identify which materials cause the most friction. The children were set the challenge to create their own experiment, having a group discussion looking into investigations further thinking about fair testing, equipment and analysis to make sure their experiment would be plausible.


English – Iron Man

In English this week we have started looking at our new book of the Iron Man, exploring the key text that links in closely with our topic of mighty metals. We have read through the first chapter, with the children being set the task to look deeper into the text through an illustration whilst using their imaginations to think about some events that may occur in the book.


Maths – Addition & Subtraction Reasoning

In our maths lessons this week we have continued to look deeper into addition and subtraction by using reasoning to help take our understanding to the next level. We have also begun to look at addition and subtraction questions that requires us to exchange two columns during each question.