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Don't forget term starts on Monday 25th February at 8.40am


Every pupil in our school has the opportunity to learn at least one  instrument during their school career.  A specialist music teacher teaches the classes djembe drums from Years 1-3, and ukulele to Year 4.  In addition to this, Year 3 also have whole class string lessons - either violin or cello.


Once a week the whole school (Years 1-6) come together for singing assembly - and singing is a major feature of our school assemblies.


The children also have the opportunity to join our choir once they reach Year 2.  There are currently 50 pupils in the choir.  The choir perform in the community and at large events such as Young Voices at the O2 Arena where they perform as part of a choir made up of 7000 children.  


Children also have the opportunity to have individual or group music lessons with iRock. 




updated September 2018

Young Voices 2019

Young Voices 2019

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