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Class photos on Tuesday 7th May


Welcome to Nursery Class!


Summer one



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How does that building stay up?


The wolf huffed, and he puffed, but he couldn’t blow the house down! How does that building stay up? How many windows does it have? It’s time to find out more about buildings and the materials from which they are made. This half term, we’ll handle different building materials, and we’ll build structures out of wet sand, construction kits and blocks. Who can build the tallest tower? We’ll also retell the story of The Three Little Pigs, practise hammering different surfaces and make mini mud bricks. In our English lessons, we’ll take a walk down a local street, describing what we see, and we’ll write about our homes. Using our maths skills, we’ll count houses and put them in the right order, and we’ll estimate how many cubes are in different towers. Working together, we’ll build a shelter big enough for us all to sit in, a bridge we can use to cross a given space and a street of colourful houses made from different containers. We’ll also work outdoors on our own ‘construction site’, building imaginative structures out of a range of materials. At the end of the project, We will also gather resources to build more structures and demolish a wall of cardboard boxes by kicking, rolling and throwing balls.


Help your child prepare for their project

Buildings are brilliant! Why not explore your home together in great detail, inside and out. What kind of building do you live in? How does it stay standing? How many floors, windows and doors does it have? You could also make a mini house out of building blocks or cardboard boxes? Can you make it look like your house? Alternatively, look online at spectacular buildings such as The Shard and talk about why certain buildings might have been built to be taller, wider or grander than others.





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