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Summer Term starts on TUESDAY 23rd April at 8:40am Breakfast Club will be open as usual from 7:30am


Parents meeting

A meeting for parents will be held on Tuesday 23rd April 2019 at 3pm in the school hall. PowerPoint used in the meeting as at the bottom of the page. 



We will take photographs of the children enjoying their activities which we will then share with you and the children back at school. These will also be published on the school website (where we have parental consent). Children are invited to bring along a disposable camera for their own use.



Any medications needed for the trip should be clearly named and handed in to school staff on the morning of departure. Please write the dosage instructions clearly and put everything into a named clear sandwich bag. This includes travel sickness medication which can be taken at school before departure.



Children may bring a maximum of £4 to spend on a souvenir in the PGL shop (not food or drink). Please put this in a named sealed envelope and hand in to a member of staff on the morning of departure.


Morning of Departure

We will be leaving school at around 10.30am. Children should come to school at the normal time but go directly to the school hall to leave their bags and hand in money and any medication.


They will then take hand luggage and their packed lunch (in a disposable bag) to their classroom where they will be registered and begin some classroom work related to the trip.


Return to School

We will return to school for approximately 2.30pm on Wednesday 1st May 2019. Please meet your child in the normal place at the end of the school day at 3.30pm. If you have any questions, please call in and see us.