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The school council will be selling the rest of the cake in the school hall from 3.20pm today. Please come and help them raise money to sponsor a Guide dog.


Here are some photos of us being very creative!

Week 2

Topic – Classification of animals

In our topic lessons this week we have been looking at arranging animals into different groups based upon their diet. We have sorted the animals into carnivores, herbivores and omnivores analysing what animals eat. We have then taken our learning to the next level by identifying where each animal fits into the food chain using terminology such as: Apex Predator, Prey, Consumer and Producer.


English – Varjak Paw

In our English lessons this week we have continued to read our class book of Varjak Paw. We have then looked at the story from the perspective of Varjak Paw himself and began to retell chapters 1 and 2 from his perspective. This has allowed us to look at the story in more depth to identify how different characters could perceive things in different ways.


Maths – Multiplication

In our Maths lessons this week we have continued with our topic of multiplication. We have now moved onto multiplying 2 digit numbers by a 1-digit number using the standard column method. We were then given the opportunity to test our knowledge by solving multiplication word problems, deciding what the question was asking us to do.

Week 1

Topic – Predators

This week we have begun our new topic of predators. We started the week discussing what we already know about the topic and some of the things that we would like to find out. We performed our own independent research analysing some of the key terms that we will use during the topic, allowing us to become familiar and build up our vocabulary around predators.


English – Varjak Paw

In our English lessons we have started our new class book of Varjak Paw. We started looking at the story just by using the front cover looking at the fine bits of detail and thinking about how some of these may link to the story. We have also begun to take on the role of the different characters in the book, looking at the situations that have occurred through different perspectives.


Maths – Multiplication

In our Maths lessons we have continued with our topic of multiplication from last term with our focus this week been on comparing the answers to different multiplication questions. We have also looked at representing our multiplication in different ways through using bar models and other diagrams.