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A warm welcome to the new academic year, looking forward to a busy year ahead!


Welcome to Reception!


Thanks for visiting our reception pages. Reception currently has two classes: Hazel Class and Cherry Class.



Welcome to our reception classes Cherry and Hazel.  Our first topic of the school year is 'Do you want to be my friend?'  The emphasis is on ensuring that all our children have the skills, understanding and vocabulary to help them to make new friends.  In the first few weeks everything is new, we will be ensuring that every member of the class becomes familiar with the daily routines, we have a visual timetable for the children to refer to and staff will use teaching time to prepare the children for new experiences.  Before the children stayed for lunch they visited the school hall and stayed for a story, to help them become familiar with the large space of the hall.


Our weekly and daily plan is heavily influenced by the lines of enquiry that the children are interested in pursuing, alongside the continuous assessment by staff, ensuring that every child is gaining the experience and skills that they need to ensure success outcomes at the end of the Foundation Stage.