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There is no Irish dancing this week and athletics club is on Wednesday.


Welcome to Reception!


Thanks for visiting our reception pages. Reception currently has two classes: Hazel Class and Cherry Class.



Welcome to our reception classes Cherry and Hazel.


Our topic in term 5 is 'Why do ladybirds have spots?'.



Why do ladybirds have spots? Why do spiders spin webs? We are going to be exploring these questions and more in our project about minibeasts and their habitats. With magnifying glasses clutched firmly in hands, we will be looking under logs and stones for creatures that wriggly, crawl or fly to find out about different minibeast habitats, features and colours and compare them.


Our topic will also lead us to explore:

* growth and change

* patterns and colours

* plants and flowers


Inline with our current topic, our role play areas have been transformed into a bug cafe and a vets . We are looking forward to seeing the children express their creativity and continue to develop their language and communication skills whilst having lots of fun imaginative play in these areas.


As always, there will be daily phonic sessions and the children are encouraged to use their phonic knowledge and developing writing skills throughout the day, writing signs, labels, booklets, cards, instructions etc.


Our weekly and daily plan is heavily influenced by the lines of enquiry that the children are interested in pursuing, alongside the continuous assessment by staff, ensuring that every child is gaining the experience and skills that they need to ensure successful outcomes at the end of the Foundation Stage.