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The school will be open as usual on Monday 5th March


Welcome to Reception!


Thanks for visiting our reception pages. Reception currently has two classes: Hazel Class and Cherry Class.



Welcome to our reception classes Cherry and Hazel. 


Our topic this term is 'Will you read me a story?'.  Was the big bad wolf really so bad?  Did Little Red Riding Hood make good choices? Why did the Gingerbread Man not ant to get his feet wet? We will focus on a range of traditional stories, giving the children opportunity to explore the different characters and develop their story telling skills. To give the children opportunity to explore each story in depth there will be a specific story focus for each week.


Week 1 - Little Red Riding Hood

Week 2 - The Gingerbread Man

Week 3 - The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Week 4 - The Three Little Pigs

Week 5 - Jack and the Beanstalk

Week 6 - Goldilocks and the Three Bears  

Our PE focus this term is dance.  We will be exploring some of the characters from the traditional tales we are focusing on, looking at how they might move and the part they play in the story.  We will also explore how we can move expressively to music, working towards creating a dance routine that depicts a traditional tale.  We will continue to support the children towards independently changing for PE.  Continuing to encourage this at home will really help your child too.


The children are encouraged to use their phonic knowledge and developing writing skills throughout the day, writing signs, labels, booklets, cards, instructions etc.


Our weekly and daily plan is heavily influenced by the lines of enquiry that the children are interested in pursuing, alongside the continuous assessment by staff, ensuring that every child is gaining the experience and skills that they need to ensure successful outcomes at the end of the Foundation Stage.