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Don't forget we are hosting "Jeans for genes day" tomorrow. Your child can wear jeans and school logo poloshirt and jumper in return for a £1 donation. If you need to contact the school today please use the mobile number 07734392160


Welcome to Reception!


Thanks for visiting our reception pages. Reception currently has two classes: Hazel Class and Cherry Class.



Welcome to our Reception classes Cherry and Hazel.


Our weekly and daily plan is heavily influenced by the lines of enquiry that the children are interested in pursuing, alongside the continuous assessment by staff, ensuring that every child is gaining the experience and skills that they need to ensure successful outcomes at the end of the Foundation Stage.


A typical day in Reception will look as follows:


8.40am - Welcome, registration, weather report, wake & shake

9.00am - Phonics

10.00am - Exploring time/independent snack (the children are able to explore purposefully both inside and outside, there are also some adult led activities during this time)

10.55am - Tidy Time

11.00 - Maths

11.30am - Story/rhymes inc. getting ready for lunch

11.50am - Lunchtime

1.00pm - Registration and group time (these group times cover topic focuses and a weekly session devoted to Personal, Social and Emotional Development with elements of mindfulness included)

1.25pm - Exploring time

2.55pm - Tidy time

3.00 - Singing/story time

3.30 - Home time


There will be daily phonic sessions and the children are encouraged to use their phonic knowledge and developing writing skills throughout the day, writing signs, labels, booklets, cards, instructions etc.