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A MASSIVE thank you to all our parent volunteers who helped with our Nursery and Year 3 adventures today! We couldn't do trips like this without your support and it is very much appreciated.

Sports Council

Physical Education and School Sport is important for all of our pupils here at GEMS Didcot Primary Academy. Over the past year we have really began to raise the profile of PE and Sport by offering our pupils many opportunities. One thing that we are passionate about is pupil voice and what better way for pupils to have their say than being apart of our sports council here at Gems Didcot Primary Academy.


Our sports council consists of two members from each year group from key stages 1 and 2, which have been elected in from their fellow classmates. Our sports council members attend regular meetings with our PE lead, working alongside him to continue to develop PE and Sport across the school.



Minutes - March 2019


Our first sports council meetings items on the agenda were: play time equipment, next house competition, personal challenges for all and extra-curricular clubs.


  • As a group we have decided that we really like having the different sports equipment at play times and in order to get the best use out of it we are going to implement set days for each year group to coincide with the trim trail.
  • We have also decided that our next house competition is going to be Dance, where each year group will have their own song to create a routine for.
  • In order to get more people active and to develop our playtime offer, during our breaks in the afternoon their will be a personal challenge. The challenge we have decided for the forthcoming weeks will be skipping, where pupils can either learn to skip or see how many skips they can perform in one minute.
  • Extra-curricular clubs: As a group we decided that some of the clubs that we would like to see being offered are tag rugby, cricket/rounders, tennis and athletics.