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On behalf of all the staff at GEMS Didcot Primary, have a lovey summer holiday.

Spring 1

Week one


Monday 8th- Friday 12th January


Acorn class have been using the shiny letters to support their name writing skills.




Also this week:


 Building bridges.



                                     A superhero horse rider                  Muddy puddles 



Week two


Monday 15th- Friday 19th January


Continuing on from our topic 'Is it shiny?' Acorn class were eager to explore space. So guided by their curiosity the children have begun to explore the galaxy. We began the week with flying planets (balloons) in the outside environment, we had the perfect windy weather for this activity! 



Also this week:


           Rocket man                     Pirate looking for shiny treasure




Week three


Monday 22nd- Friday 26th January


This week in Nursery the children have been learning about space. We have traveled through the galaxy visiting many planets.

Acorn class have enjoyed reading non-fiction books all about space and found out some very interesting facts, did you know that the sun is a dwarf star?


                                     5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Blast off!                       Small world play



Also this week:


      Drawing space pictures                                          How many cubes can you count?




Week Four


Monday 29th January- Friday 2nd February


This week children in Acorn class continue to engage and devolp their learning through our topic 'Does it shine in space?' 


                                        Our very own rocket scientists                                           


                                   Rocket building                                           Ground control




Also this week:


    A game of strategy, connect four.                  Milo found a 'c'



         Taking a look inside a book