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Many thanks to everyone who made and ate cake to help the school council raise money to sponsor a guide dog. In total we raised £175.

Spring 1

Week 2

14th – 18th January 2018



In maths this week, the children have continued to look at teen numbers - looking specifically at 15, 16, 17, 18, 29. By using different counting resources we have closely looked at the numbers individually, as well as thinking about how to work out what is one more and one less of that number.

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This term we are starting to think about ball skills. The children have had lots of fun playing chasing games which involved a ball and also working with a partner to carefully control and catch a rolling ball.


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As part of the termly topic ‘What happens when I fall asleep?’, we have been thinking about the importance of sleep and rest. Thank you for helping the children to complete and return their sleep diaries. We have been discussing these and thinking about why we need sleep and what happens if we don’t get enough sleep.


Exploring Time

As usual, lots of activity has been happening during exploring time. Please see the photos below to find out what the children enjoy learning during this self-choosing learning time.

7th -11th January 


Happy New Year! 


The children have settled back into the new school term very well and are very excited about our new topic: "What happens when I fall asleep?" 


We have started the topic by discussing our bedtime routines, why we do them and how they may differ from other peoples. The children have taken sleep diaries home to complete every night - please bring them back in completed on Monday! The children have also learnt about lullabies, discussing what they are and learning how to sing some.


In maths we have begun to look at teen numbers - looking specifically at 11,12,13,14. We have explored these numbers through a number of different representations including: Numicon, tens frames, quantity and numeral. We have discussed in detail how teen numbers are made up of a ten and ones, for example: 11 = 1 ten and 1 one. 12 = 1 ten and 2 ones etc.






Our exploring time provision has largely been based around bedtime routines, here is what we have been doing: