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On behalf of all the staff at GEMS Didcot Primary, have a lovey summer holiday.

Spring 1

Week 5

5th-9th February


This week we had a visit from Didcot Fire Service! We learned that firefighters have to work through the night, as well as the day, and that they help both people and animals.

The firefighters showed us around the fire truck and we got to see all the different tools that they use.







In Maths this week, we have been thinking about measurement, focusing on length. We explored how to order by size and how to measure using standard and non-standadrd units of measure.






In PE this week, we have continued to focus on gymnastics. We have now learned how to safely transport equipment working as a team. This week we had lots of fun exploring using the different balances and rolls we have recently learned. We also practised using these skills on the equipment circuit. We really liked having to climb under and over the equipment and balance along the beams.




In our technology session this week, we were introduced to the Beebots. We were able to explore how to give the Beebots an instruction and get them to move where we wanted them to go. We used our team work skills to help one another!


The Reception Team wish you all a very happy half-term, see you all in Term 4 when we start our new topic 'Will you read me a story?'.

Week 4


Monday 29th January - Friday 2nd February


This week we carried on our topic of "What happens when I fall asleep?" and more specifically learned about "People who help us at night", to help us with this topic the children were visited by two policemen who taught us about how they look after us. We also were lucky enough to try on some police uniform and see a real police van.




In maths we have been recapping 2D shape and learning about 3D shape. We have learned the names of the different shapes and are able to use vocabulary such as: "face, corner and edge" and identify these on different 3D shapes.






Week 3

Monday 22nd - Friday 26th 


This week in Reception we thought about what makes night and day and explored light and dark with torches.




The children are really enjoying the topic of "What happens when I fall asleep?" and particularly Space; we were visited by a planetarium which taught us a lot of facts about Space.



In the outdoor environment the children worked as a team to build a rocket out of den making materials so they could role play travelling to space.




In maths we have been working on ordering number and extending this to correctly ordering numbers to 20 - to ensure we are deeply learning we did this in a variety of ways.






Week 1  

Bedtime Routines

This week the children have been thinking carefully about the things that they do before they go to bed.  They have talked about their own routines and compared what they do with with their peers, exploring similarities and differences.  We have also thought about why sleep is important, one suggestion was that it is a bit like recharging a battery.


In maths the focus has been on adding 1 more and also recognising numbers 0-20.  The children have used lots of apparatus to explore adding 1 more.


The children have been writing about bedtime routines, working particularly hard to hold a sentence in their head as they write it down.


Thank you for your support in completing sleep diaries this week, they are a fantastic way to support the children to talk about themselves and make links between home and school.


Week 2

Nocturnal Animals

Our key text this week has been 'Owl Babies' by Martin Waddell.  The children have heard the story a number of times and they have been encouraged to join in with key phrases and also retell the story themselves.  At the exploring table there has been a range of materials available with soft toy owls and the challenge to make them a cosy nest.  There has also been an opportunity to engage in some secret bat writing where the writing on black paper will only show up when a light is shone onto it.  The children have used torches to find pictures of animals hiding in the setting, deciding if the found animal was nocturnal or not nocturnal.


In maths this week the children have been exploring time, thinking carefully about what a week is and also finding out what you can do in 1 minute.  Did you know that you can sing 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' twice in one minute?