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On behalf of all the staff at GEMS Didcot Primary, have a lovey summer holiday.

Spring 2

Our topic this term is ' Why can't i have chocolate for breakfast?' Each week we will be looking at the effects healthy foods can have on our bodies.



Week two

22nd February-2nd March


Acorn class have had an exciting week. On Tuesday we had a visit from the Book Man, the children were so happy and excited to help Book Man find his imagination.


    Queen of Hearts            Vote for women!            Willy Wonka                    Matilda



At the end of the week we had a visit from the 'Beast from the East'.  Acorn class were excited to play in the snow.


     Painting in the snow           Do you want to build a snowman?



                  Making snow angels




Week one

19th-23rd February


This week the children in Acorn class have been thinking and learning about healthy food.

Thank you to those that completed and returned your child's food diary, the children were excited to share them with the class and we had a few debates on what constitutes as 'healthy' and 'un-healthy' food.


         Printing with fruit and vegetables




         'I don't like peas!'                             Salt dough vegetables



           Hospital play                           Rainbow pasta