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We look forward to term starting on Wednesday 6th September. Have a great summer.

Spring Term Jan-Feb

How many colours in a rainbow? (January/February)


We are beginning 2017 with lots of colour in Acorn class.  How many colours in a rainbow? What happens when you mix red and blue? We will be encouraging the children to generate lots of questions and lines of enquiry.


Acorn Class will have opportunities to explore:

  • recognising colours
  • colour mixing
  • patterns
  • sorting and ordering
  • exploring different materials
  • rainbows
  • weather


Alongside our focus on colour we will also encouraging the children to think about 'Going for Goals', exploring what they can do now and what they want to be able to do.  



Week 1  4th-6th January 2017

This week in Acorn Class the children have:

  • Welcomed new members to our class
  • Thought about what they could do when they were babies and what they can do now
  • Talked to each other about what they did in the school holidays
  • Explored frosty weather in the playground
  • Listened to the story 'Bears on Chairs' by Shirley Parenteau and considered how the bears worked together to solve a problem
  • Painted with their favourite colours
  • Asked really good questions about rainbows, some children were able to use their own knowledge to answer some of these questions


Week 2 9th-13th January 2017

In Acorn Class this week the focus has been on engaging the children with our focus on colour.  Everyone was very involved in our big painting experience.  We made use of the large space available in the LRC to roll out large sheets of paper and allow the children to experience painting with their feet.  The children also explored sprinkling powder paint, spraying it with water and watching the effects.  The final part of the experience was free painting using rollers and applying paint with glue sticks.  The children really enjoyed their special day.  


The children have also:

  • Listened to the story 'Elmer' by David McKee and talked about the colours of Elmer and the other animals
  • Explored kaleidoscopes, waterfall sticks, liquid timers, spinners, telescopes and a range of lenses
  • Created rainbow pictures using a special rainbow painting set
  • Looked at the photographs taken during the 'Big Paint' experience, talking about what they were doing and their favourite aspect of their exploration
  • Used their knowledge of colour mixing to predict what colour White Rabbit will change to when he has been jumping into the paint pots in the story 'White Rabbit's Colour Book' by Alan Baker


Big Painting

Big Painting 1 The first set of footprints.
Big Painting 2 What is happening to the footprints?
Big Painting 3 Finding a different way to print.
Big Painting 4 Which way will I go?
Big Painting 5 Carefully moving forwards.
Big Painting 6 How does it look?
Big Painting 7 Look at all those different colours.
Big Painting 8 Painting with a glue stick.
Big Painting 9 Sprinkling the powder paint.
Big Painting 10 Spraying the water
Big Painting 11 Creating new effects.

Week 3 16th-20th January 2017

This week Acorn Class had their first experience of exploring the PE apparatus in the hall.  The children found different ways to travel along, through, over and under different pieces of equipment.  There were lots of challenges for the children, they worked hard to listen carefully to instructions and tried different ways to do things.



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Week 4 23rd - 27th January 2017

This week we had a focus on Chinese New Year.  The children heard the story of how the animals were chosen to represent each year and then they used animal masks as part of their imaginary play.  Our role play area became a Chinese restaurant and the children had opportunities to make lanterns and zig zag dragons.  A highlight of the week has been doing our dragon dance around the school.  The dragon head is now on display in the cabinet in the entrance hall.


Picture 1
Picture 2