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On behalf of all the staff at GEMS Didcot Primary, have a lovey summer holiday.

Summer 1

Week 5

14th-18th May


This week Acorn class have continued to observe our chicks and are happy they are big enough to be handled! The children in Acorn class have demonstrated a great understanding of care for our chicks and will be sad to see them go to their new home at the end of the week.






On Tuesday Isaac came to school with a some very unusual pets, Stick insects! Isaac was very knowledgeable about his pets and gave a great presentation to the whole class.


We had some very brave children who were excited to hold a stick insect.  








On Thursday we were very fortunate to have the opportunity to take part in a science activity provided by Mini Professors. Lucy worked with the children to help them to explore and develop their knowledge of the life cycle of a frog.  




                                     Sequencing pictures- The life cycle of a frog





Using party blowers and card, Acorn class made their own frogs.                                   



           The children were challenged to catch a bug using only their frog tongues.






Week 4

7th-11th May


We have had an exciting start to our week waiting for our chicks to hatch! By the end of the week we have had eight new arrivals in Acorn class! 


We are using this exciting opportunity to extend our learning with a hands on experience.  A lot of our learning this week has focused around the life cycle of chickens and Acorn class have been observing and recording the differences they see during the growth of the chicks.





Also this week:


             Number solving                                 Writing letters to friends



                Water play                                          Painting chicks







Week 3

30th April- 4th May


Our learning this week has been focused around the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Mini Beasts that have began to show themselves in our foundation stage garden. With the arrival of our very own Hungry Caterpillars the children are super excited to observe the metamorphosis of caterpillars into butterflies.




A big thank you to one of our talented grandparents for our Very Hungry Caterpillar knitted props.





Also this week:


Children are beginning to correctly form letters to label their work. 




Week 2

23rd-27th April


This week is all about flowers! the children in Acorn class have been learning about the anatomy of a flower and how to help them grow. We have also been talking about how to care for the flowers that brighten our outside area, you may have noticed the flowers that were planted last year are now in full bloom which is a beautiful sight to see on a sunny day.


   Labelling a flower            Making sun catchers with press flowers



Also this week:           


     Number play                    Story telling









Week 1

16th- 20th April


This term our topic is all about growth and this week Acorn class have been reading Jack and the Beanstalk.  Children have really engaged with the story by making dinner for the Giant in the home corner, performing puppet shows in the puppet theatre and creating their own version of the tale in the small-world corner.


The children have also had the chance to plant their own magic beans! Hopefully they will grow!  



 Building a Giant's castle          Planting beans                Keeping the plants 




Also this week:


      Delicious mud pies              Music makers