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Don't forget Friday 4th May 2018 is an inset day.

Summer 1

Week 1  16th-20th April

Our topic got off to a great start with the arrival of many minibeasts that had been created over the holidays and lots of enthusiasm to find out more about these creatures.  A big thank you to parents and carers to supporting with the holiday challenge.  As well as sharing the home made creatures the children have thought about where the minibeasts live, as well as successfully finding a range of bugs and worms in the garden.


In Maths this week the focus has been on subtraction and taking away 1.  The children have been counting backwards from various starting points between 20-1, using a range of apparatus and objects to demonstrate knowledge of subtraction and exploring songs that involve subtraction problems.  


Our focus in PE is games, this week we did PE outside and worked on skipping skills.  These are skills that the children will be able to use at playtimes and during exploring times in the garden.


The children are developing their ICT skills by creating a minibeast picture using the interactive whiteboard and then using a keyboard to write a sentence.  The children are demonstrating their capital letter recognition skills too, something that will also help them with their reading and writing.




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