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Don't forget that it is an INSET day tomorrow, Friday 21st June! Enjoy your long weekend & we look forward to seeing you all on Monday 24th June!

Summer 2

Week 3

17th – 21st June 2019



This week we have continued our topic of ‘Are We There Yet?’ by thinking about different forms of transport and road safety. As part of this, we took an imaginary aeroplane ride to Egypt mid-week! The children were given passports and boarding passes and had to get these stamped in ‘Passport Control’ before they were allowed to board the plane. We thought about what going on an aeroplane ride entails, such as wearing our seat belts and the noises you may hear on a plane. Once we landed in Egypt the children explored the pyramids and looked at the camels! The children then enjoyed carrying this role-play on in their own Exploring Time.


In maths this week the children have been introduced to the concept of counting in twos. We discussed what a ‘pair’ is and the children found their matching ‘sock partner’. The children organised pairs of socks on the washing line and also learned a counting in twos song- ask your child if they can teach it to you!

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Please look at the photos below to see what the children have been choosing to learn in their Exploring Time.
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Week 2


Monday 10-14th June


This week the children have been introduced to our topic: "Are we there yet?", this topic will explore transport, destinations, keeping safe by roads and imaginary and real journeys. To kick start our topic with a memorable experience we went on a school trip to Beale Park where we experienced two different types of transport: a coach trip to get there and a train ride around the park! The children had a fantastic time and loved looking at and finding out about all the different animals, we had some very tired children on the way back to school!


 Have a look at some pictures below: 



This week in maths we have thought a lot about addition and subtraction, the children worked out number sentences from given number stories and selected different apparatus to help them find the answer, inclluding tens frames, part part whole models and adding and subtracting quantities. The children were also introduced to a new method of counting on and back on a number line.




In PE this week we are beginning to prepare for our sports day events! The children have practiced races such as hurdles, sprinting and bean bag balancing and also staying in their lanes! They are working really hard and are really looking forward to the day.


Week 1

3rd - 7th June 2019


This week we welcomed the children back to their last term in Reception!

The whole school has had a wider curriculum focus this week, with an emphasis on single use plastic. Reception have been introduced to the stories ‘The Curious Garden’ and ‘Somebody swallowed Stanley’. We thought about the impact that rubbish, especially plastic, has on the environment and ways to keep the oceans cleaner. We also made our own jellyfish.



As part of the wider curriculum focus, the children spent more focused learning times outdoors. As well as having maths lessons outside, the children also carried out a walk in the outdoors using their senses to explore the environment around them, as a class we then wrote a ‘senses poem’:



Garden Fun - By Cherry Class


I see pink flowers,

I feel the spiky thistles,

I hear the tweeting birds,

I smell a buttercup,

I taste apples.



Walk in GEMS Garden – By Hazel Class


I see the big, bright, hot sun,

I feel the spiky, short grass,

I hear the very loud drill nearby,

I smell the fresh cut grass.



The children have been bringing in some amazing work from home! We always love to hear what the children have been getting up to when they are not at school, so please always send a 'WOW!' card in when your child has done something special.



This term, as preparation for Sports Day, our PE lessons will focus on athletics. This week the children concentrated on waiting for the 'Go!' signal before they start running, staying in the correct lane, running, practising jumping the hurdles and relays. 





Next Week


Next week we will be starting our new topic 'Are we there yet?' and going on our very special trip to Beale Park! In case of warm weather, please send your child into school with suncream applied and a sun hat.