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Don't forget that it is an INSET day tomorrow, Friday 21st June! Enjoy your long weekend & we look forward to seeing you all on Monday 24th June!

Summer 2: Playlist

Week 2 - 10/06/19



This week in English we have started our new unit, The Lion and The Unicorn and other hairy tales. An anthology of stories from around the world, the first story we have started on is 'The Singing Ringing Tree'. This tale tells of a Prince, so blinded by love for a selfish but beautiful Princess, that he makes a deal with a goblin to take the Singing Ringing Tree to prove his worth. Trying to understand the character's choices this, we first looked at creating a role on the wall for the Princess and Prince. Turning to the Goblin, we created our own depiction of him based on the description in the text before comparing it to the illustrator's own interpretation. Finally, we wrote advice and speeches to both the Prince and Princess, informing them of their next steps. 



A second week of statistics saw a keener look at line graphs. Noting that you use line graphs for continuous data, we created our graphs showing favourite fruit as well as previous spelling scores. We also interrogated line graphs for information, looking at how they are presented and ways of reading them. Finally, we finished with a consolidation of everything we've learnt in statistics before taking an assessment. 


Science / Topic

To start our playlist topic, we were very lucky to have Craig McLeish come into school for the day. Craig is the musical director from Young Voices and an incredibly talented musician. He helped both Year 3 and 4 generate a range of ideas about what makes the school special, before starting to turn them into song lyrics. Once our lines were written, he helped us put it to music before creating our very own school song. Craig then went away and created a professional backing track that the children can now sing along to; a school song that will hopefully last for years. 

As well as Craig's input, we measured the volume around the school. Taking a log box to different locations, we measured the decibels finding that the library and office  were the quietest, compared to IRock who measured at 80dBs. 

We were also very lucky to have the OVO women's bicycle tour coming past our doorstep, so on Wednesday lunchtime, Year 3 and 4 (after creating a range of supportive flags), stood by the roadside to watch the best professional riders fly past. A great experience for all involved and the children showed fantastic behaviour, especially as the race took longer than we were expecting. 

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Week 1 - 03/06/19



This week as part of our school theme we focused in on the text 'The Curious Garden'. A brilliant picture book, it tells the story of a young boy who lives in a dreary city with very little life. Upon stumbling on an abandoned railway, he finds a lonely patch of colour made from weeds, mosses and hardy plants. Despite his initial clumsy attempts at gardening, the boy cares for the garden, enabling it to grow and flourish, eventually taking over the entire city. 

At the beginning of the week, we looked at the characters of the curious garden, focusing in on the figurative devices used by the author to hint at the garden's personality. On Tuesday, we created our own word banks and sequenced the events, ready to retell the story from an alternative perspective (the garden's!) We used a different focus for our writing each day; third person, first person and present tense to increase the challenge of retelling the story. 



In Maths we have been looking at statistics. After discussing the purpose and need for statistics, we started to familiarise ourself with how statistics are presented. This included pictograms, bar charts and bar models. After creating our statistical charts based off data we had collected, we then began to scrutinise the data, answering and creating our own questions. Later in the week, we focused our attention on line graphs, noting how they compared changes over time (such as height of sunflowers or speed of ice melting). 


Science / Technology / Engineering / Art / Mathematics 

Our school theme this was trying to raise awareness of environmental issues in order to save planet earth. A particular quote really resonated with the children and teachers: We don't inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. This showed to the children that there will be others who come after us and our decisions regarding the environment will directly influence their lives. Looking at the rise in plastics caused by its use in nearly every sector, the children were shocked to discover that if we don't change, by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean. Using an engineering approach, we considered how best to clean the oceans in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. 

As well as finding out about the pollution in the ocean, we investigated the types of fish that are directly affect by the plastic. Creating outlines of these animals, we then cut out stencils before printing on a large scale for a collaborative art piece between Year 3 and 4. Within each fish outline will be written slogans produced by the children with an aim to reduce people's use of plastic.


Please remember that swimming is on Thursday morning - swimming kits are required.

Friday afternoon we have our PE session. Please ensure children have full kits, including a named water bottle, so they can participate in lessons.