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We look forward to term starting on Wednesday 6th September. Have a great summer.

Summer Term June-July

Our topics for this term are:


June - 'How many pebbles on a beach?

The lines of enquiry might be:

  • plants and animals that live on the seashore
  • pebbles, sand and rocks
  • holidays
  • seaside stories and poems

We plan to finish this topic with a beach themed special day in school, hopefully with sunshine included.


July - 'What are my super powers?'

The lines of enquiry might be:

  • superhero powers
  • real life superheroes
  • exploring own strengths
  • transition to Reception

We will be finishing this topic with a superhero day, the children will be able to dress up as one of their favourite characters or make up their own character costume (a fabric cape and a super power cuff made with a toilet roll and imagination can be a real winner)

Week One 6th-9th June

This week in Acorn class we are exploring what you may find at the seaside.  We have shells to sort, 'ice-cream' play dough, a small world seaside scene to explore (complete with light-house and starfish) and outside we have brought the beach to GEMS in a paddling pool with shells, pebbles, sand and seaweed.


Our role-play focus is a Travel Agents, the children are very busy choosing holidays from the brochures, looking at the map, booking tickets, answering the phone, getting customers to fill in forms and issuing passports.


The key book for this week is 'Commotion in the Ocean', a wonderful collection of ocean based poems written by Giles Andreae.


The children also have a mystery suitcase in the classroom, they are looking at the contents and using their thinking skills to find out who it might belong to and where they might be going to.  What might the mystery key unlock?  Why would someone pack flip-flops and a hat?

Week Two 12-16th June

This week our key text has been 'Smiley Shark', the children were able to talk about lots of the sea creatures that Smiley Shark tried to play with, they were also able to suggest lots of ways to join in with others when playing themselves.  The children have also been introduced to Sid, the African Grey parrot who loves anything to do with number, the children explored how they can count Sid's squawks aloud and they also tried to count the squawks in their heads, showing the answers with their fingers.  Acorn class have also been exploring some vocabulary that is specific to our topic, such as 'cliff, pebbles, light house and harbour'.