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We look forward to term starting on Wednesday 6th September. Have a great summer.

Superhero visitor


On Tuesday 17th January, we were very excited to have a very special visitor to Beech Class. Nicola came to talk to us about her very own superhero - her Guide Dog, Kimber.


Before Nicola arrived, we watched a short film to help everyone understand what a Guide Dog was, and why a dog might be a superhero. By the time Nicola and Kimber arrived, the children had thought of some good questions to ask and were very eager to hear all about a real-life superhero. 


Nicola spoke to the class for about 45 minutes, giving us lots of information - did you know a Guide Dog has to pass a test before he can be sent to help someone with sight impairment? We also learnt that a Guide Dog has a different colour coat or harness depending on what stage of training it has reached and that Kimber gets very worried if Nicola trips or falls, and he checks to make sure she is OK.


The children asked some fantastic questions, and listened carefully to everything Nicola was telling us. We will be using this information to do some writing through the rest of this week, now that we have all met a real-life superhero.


Nicola and Kimber, her Guide Dog, visit to Beech Class