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We look forward to term starting on Wednesday 6th September. Have a great summer.





Our topic this term is Superheroes. We have already begun to look at the difference between heroes and villains and how their actions impact others. We will continue to investigate this as the term progresses, trying to work out what makes a Superhero super and considering people who might be real life Superheroes. In science we will be investigating super foods to find out what we need to eat healthily to be a Superhero.


We are also going to be creating our own Superheroes and will end the term with a Superheroes day on Tuesday 7th February, where we will be the problem-solving Superhero. Please do not feel that you have to buy an expensive superhero costume. We would be delighted to see children dressed as home heroes (mum, dad or grandparents), real-life heroes (firemen or police, for example) or a home made superhero costume, with some super powers the children have decided themselves... the choice is yours!





January 27th, 2017


This week we have been looking at comic book style stories. We have investigated the common features, learning about the importance of pictures in the stories, speech bubbles, thinking bubbles, onomatopoeia and noticed that there is not much writing in these stories, when we compare them with other books. We have been reading the graphic novel "Time Runs Out" from the Project X reading series. This has helped us write our own comic strip stories, which everyone has really enjoyed.


In Maths, we have been looking at numbers up to 20, understanding the importance of place value and tens and ones. We have begun to think about comparing numbers, using vocabulary like more/greater and less/fewer; we will be continuing with this next week.


In science, we have been thinking about what foods would keep us healthy and be good for a Superhero - this will be ongoing until the end of term, when we will hopefully be making a healthy snack.

February 2nd, 2017


This week we have been continuing to look at healthy foods, and trying to decide what ingredients would make a good (and healthy) smoothie. In maths, we have been learning more about numbers - fewer and greater, and working out how much greater or smaller a number is by practicing our counting on and counting back.


We have also had some surprise visitors - the police came into our class to talk about how they help people. They showed us their uniforms and equipment and answered some questions. They also took us outside to show us their van, putting the lights and sirens on for us. We were even able to sit in the back! Beech class agreed that police officers really were heroes.

Surprise visit to Beech class from members of the Didcot Community Policing team

February 7th 2017


Superhero Day


We have had a fantastic day. The children came dressed as a whole range of superheroes, including Ironman and Spiderman, vets, soldiers, parents and even a hero that saves the world with music! The imagination shown with some of the costumes has been lovely.


We solved some clues left by the evil professor in maths, to rescue the rabbit he had kidnapped using some very impressive team work skills. In the afternoon we designed a superhero HQ, and villains evil lair, some transport for the hero and villain and began to write and illustrate a comic book story - we have been very busy!


Thank you so much for all your enthusiasm today.


Beech Class Superheroes

Beech Class Superheroes 1