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Friday 16th November is non uniform day for all children in return for a donation to Children in Need.

Term 2- Enchanted Woodlands

This term the children will be exploring the woodlands. Through science we will be thinking about what happens to trees and their leaves in Autumn as well as thinking about are leaves all the same? We will be thinking about who lives in the woodlands too and this may include some imaginary inhabitants as we take our journey of the woodlands down a magical route too. 

The children will also have the opportunity to use natural materials in art this term as well as completing a challenge in design and technology lessons for the woodland inhabitants.


Please do take the opportunity to explore some woods- you never know what you might find there! 

Harcourt Arboretum- This is a great place for you to explore lots of different trees outside of school.



Week beginning 12th November

This week in maths we have been learning about both 2D and 3D shapes. We went on a shape hunt to look for shapes in everything around us and then we have thought more carefully about the properties of shapes to help us compare them. 

Picture 1

This week Year One also had their fantastic school trip. We had a great time exploring the woodlands. We got to go on an adventure to the forest and we hunted for insects, had a swing on a hammock and made nests and dens. We also got to explore by the camp fire- here we made bird feeders from apples and seeds, we made hedgehogs from clay and pine cones as well as getting very dirty in the mud kitchen! We were also allowed to paint the garden walls with mud! Back at school we have now planned a recount of our trip sequencing sentences about our day. 

Week  5 November

This week in maths we have continued to look at subtraction by counting back on a number line to find the answer as well as finding the difference between two  quantities or numbers  by comparing how many there are in each group.  For example, the difference between  7 and  3 is 4. Here is a representation:  


Related image


Why don't you let your child show you how to solve the difference between  8 and 3? 


Using a number line to count back.

Using a number line to count back. 1
As part of a whole  school celebration themed ' Let's Celebrate', we learned about  Remembrance Day. We explored what it meant and  why we celebrate it.We used paper collage techniques to design our own poppies. We also looked at the historic meaning behind Bonfire Night and Guy Fawkes. Finally, we learnt about how Hindus prepare and celebrate  Diwali. 

Week 29th October

This week in maths we have been thinking about taking away. We have been learning to do this through stories. For example- First there were 7 fish swimming in the sea, then 2 swam away, now there are 5 left. We are starting to develop this by using objects and taking counters away to work out how many are left. 

Picture 1

We have had a very exciting week introducing our new topic. We found a letter from a woodland fairy and went on a hunt outside to find where she lives. We then discovered a story called Tidy and we were disappointed to find the woodlands had been turned into concrete. This helped us with our Science as we discovered that woodland animals need a good habitat to live in and so we have been thinking carefully about tree types we might find. Why not ask your child to explain to you what they know about a deciduous tree and an every green tree. 

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Picture 2
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