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Many thanks to everyone who made and ate cake to help the school council raise money to sponsor a guide dog. In total we raised £175.

Term 3- Splendid Skies

This term we will be looking to the skies to learn all about the weather. We will be thinking about the hot and cold places all around the world, observing the weather and measuring the temperature every day.

We will be thinking about some people from history who have made an impact on the way weather is measured today, for example Sir Francis Beaufort.


We will also be watching the weather forecast to see how accurate they are, and maybe even presenting some of our own!


If you would like to learn more, please visit the Met Office pages - there is a link below.

-Met Office Weather for Kids


Week 14th January

This week Topic, we have been learning about how weather is  worked. We had a visit from  a  Scientist, who  demonstrated how this happens.  We have  looked  at why the North and South pole  are cold and icy.  We then went outside to measure  the weather to compared the our results  to  the weather forecasted in Didcot to see if  they  were accurate. We found that our results  were similar. Did you know that you need that you need the Sun, atmosphere and water to make weather? Ask you child about the how this happens. 


In Maths,  we have moved on from counting on to adding by making 10. We used the ten frame  and the number line to help us work out calculations. 


In English,we have created story maps to retell the events in the story. we have continued to explore the setting in  the Snail and the whale.  We have  learned that to describe  a  thing, we need to use an adjective (the thing that describe a thing). For example, the enormous whale went on an adventure with the tiny snail. 





Week 7th January

This week in Maths we have been adding by counting on. We have used a number line to help us to do this. 


As well as as learning a sound each day we are now having English lessons too. Our focus is on the story- The Snail and the Whale. We have been making predictions about the story and why different choices were made too as well as writing our likes and dislikes. 


We have started our new topic Splendid Skies by going on a weather walk and observing the skies around us. We thought about this in Science too and thought of scientific questions we could ask and answer related to the weather. For example- 'What is the temperature today?' In Geography we looked at a map of the United Kingdom and looked at weather symbols to help us present the weather for the United Kingdom. 


We are taking the temperature everyday too as well as watching the weather forecast daily to help us to observe the changes and discuss what we have noticed.