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Don't forget it is the summer fete on Saturday 7th July - 12pm to 3pm

Term 3 - Splendid Skies


This term we will be looking to the skies to learn all about the weather. We will be thinking about the hot and cold places all around the world, and observing the weather and measuring the temperature every day.


We will be thinking about some people from history who have made an impact on the way weather is measured today, for example Sir Francis Beaufort.


We will also be watching the weather forecast to see how accurate they are, and maybe even presenting some of our own!


If you would like to learn more, please visit the Met Office pages - there is a link below.

Week  beginning 5th February


What a busy last week of term we have had! We have looked at our weather data for the whole term, and compiled a chart to illustrate the temperature. We discovered that the warmest day was 12 degrees celsius, while the coldest was 4 degrees (we completed the bar charts before this week's low of 1 degree!).


We have continued to investigate subtraction and addition with numbers up to 20, regrouping into tens and ones before subtracting. We have also been maths detectives, trying to work out whether a + or - sign was missing from a calculation, using our number lines to help us.


Finally, we took advantage of the windy weather on Friday to design and fly our own kites.

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Week beginning 29th January 

This week in Maths we have continued to add two numbers together and have extended our learning from last week by now thinking about adding the ones together first and then adding the tens. We have found this a little tricky but we have related this back to our place value which has made this easier for us to think about. 


In Topic we have thought about the artist Berndnaut Smilde who has created cloud installations. We have thought about how artists do not just paint and draw but create sculptures, models and installations like the clouds. We then thought about how we could make our own cloud without sticking the cotton wool to paper! 


We also looked at extreme weather conditions this week and thought about how we would feel, what we would hear and what changes we would see if we were there. We then produced a narrative on this.  

Week beginning 22nd January


This week, we have been finding maths a real challenge as we try to add two numbers together by making 10 first. We have worked really hard, and used tens frames, cubes and counters to help us - do ask your child if they can explain it to you!


In Topic, we have been looking at the weather forecast. We thought about how the presenters tell us about the weather - using the names of the countries of the UK and cities to help be more accurate, and moving their hands across the maps to show us what they mean. We then made our own weather forecast maps, and had a go at presenting a forecast of our own.


Beech class also thought about rain this week, where does it come from and we tried to answer the question How big is a raindrop?  We caught some raindrops and measured them, and talked about why they might be different sizes.



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Week beginning 15th January

This week in Maths we have continued to look at place value- thinking about how many tens and ones a number is made up of. We have developed that this week by comparing numbers and finding the greatest number- we have compared the tens and the ones to help us do this.


In topic we have continued to think about the weather and this week we added an object to our stormy picture. We built this up carefully by firstly doing an observational drawing and then painting the outline of our chosen object in black onto our painting.


In Science we thought about Winter flowers and we identified the roots, stem, petal and leaf. 


We also thought about the steps we need to take to achieve success and that we have to watch, listen and have ago to achieve our goals.  

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11th January 2017


Welcome back to a new term - everyone has started the new topic with great enthusiasm. We have started our daily weather observations, recording the temperature and weather each afternoon to build up a record of the weather for the term. we have also looked at some famous paintings and tried to work out what kind of weather they represent, and have started to paint our own rainy day pictures.


In maths, we have started to think about place value and describe a number in terms of how many tens and ones make up that number:




Picture 1