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This Friday 15th March is Comic Relief Red Nose Day! For a donation of £1, the children can wear something red or something silly, plus their red noses! Please help us raise as much as possible. Thank you.

Term 4- Superheroes


This term we will be learning all about Superheroes - not just Spiderman and Superman, but ordinary people that are everyday heroes too. We will have a visit from an animal hero - a Guide Dog whose owner will explain to the children why he is her hero. We will explore comic books and graphic novels, looking at speech bubbles, thought clouds and onomatopoeia and thinking about the qualities of heroes and villains.


In Science, we will be learning about materials and their properties and continuing to develop our scientific thinking.


In Maths, we will be learning about measuring beginning with length and height before moving on to mass.


If you'd like to support your child's learning this term, why not pop to the library to borrow a graphic novel, or find a comic for them to read!


We will also be exploring the story book below. 
Image result for superkid book

Week 11th March

This week in Maths we have been exploring the weight of objects and using the terms lighter, heavier and balanced. We have then used non-standard units (cubes) to weigh objects and compare their weight too.


In Science we thought more about materials and what material an object is actually made from- some we found were made from more than one material! 


In Topic we have had a superhero workshop- we helped our Superhero on her mission to save the planet! We are going to carry on helping by 'Reducing, Reusing and Recycling'. 

We have also thought a lot about healthy eating and foods this week as well as preparing a recipe card for a 'Super Smoothie' that we will be making next week. We had to make sure it had a super food in it- ask us which super foods we chose and why it is a super food! 

Week 4th March 

In Topic this week, we have been learning about Florence Nightingale and what she was known for. We found that she was a wealthy woman who nursed wounded soldiers in the Crimean  War.  We also found that she was known as 'The Lady of the Lamp' because she wandered through the night to care for wounded soldiers.  


In Maths,  we have learned about the length and height of objects.  We ordered building from shortest to tallest and vis versa. We looked at measuring the length and height of objects using linking cubes to measure. Finally, we have learned how to use a ruler in measuring in centimetres(cm).


In English, we have continued to explore our class story- 'Traction Man is Here'.  We looked at the features of a comic strip and invented a new adventure for Traction  Man and Scrubbing  Brush. 


We have also celebrated World Book Day with renewed enthusiasm for reading different genres of books. We took part in a masterclass about one of our favourite books and invented new stories and characters for our story.  We also visited the local library and borrowed books. We crowned the week by dressing up as our favourite characters, authors and readers. 

Week 25th February

In Maths this week we have been continuing to think about our numbers to 50 and ordered numbers from smallest to largest. We have used our knowledge of place value and our tens and ones to help us.


We have also been counting up in 2's and 5's- why not have a go at counting like this at home, a great activity whilst walking! 


In Science we have been exploring materials. We looked at the raw form and named the material. We explored rock, water, metal, plastic, wood and glass. 


In Topic we are now exploring everything 'Superheroes'. We have generated words to describe how a superhero behaves and well as taking photos on the ipads of ourselves in a superhero action pose! 

Superhero adjectives and poses

Superhero adjectives and poses 1
Superhero adjectives and poses 2
Superhero adjectives and poses 3