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Children in yellow house can come to school on Friday 9th February in non uniform. Parents of these children have been emailed. If you did not get an email then it is normal uniform please.

Term 4 - Superheroes

Picture 1


This term we will be learning all about Superheroes - not just Spiderman and Superman, but ordinary people that are everyday heroes too. We will have a visit from animal hero - a Guide Dog whose owner will explain to the children why he is her hero. We will explore comic books and graphic novels, looking at speech bubbles, thought clouds and onomatopiea and thinking about the qualities of heroes and villains.


In science, we will be learning about materials and their properties and continuing to develop our scientific thinking.


In Maths, we will be learning about measuring beginning with length and height before moving on to mass.


If you'd like to support your child's learning this term, why not pop to the library to borrow a graphic novel, or find a comic for them to read!