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On behalf of all the staff at GEMS Didcot Primary, have a lovey summer holiday.

Term 4 - Superheroes

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This term we will be learning all about Superheroes - not just Spiderman and Superman, but ordinary people that are everyday heroes too. We will have a visit from animal hero - a Guide Dog whose owner will explain to the children why he is her hero. We will explore comic books and graphic novels, looking at speech bubbles, thought clouds and onomatopiea and thinking about the qualities of heroes and villains.


In science, we will be learning about materials and their properties and continuing to develop our scientific thinking.


In Maths, we will be learning about measuring beginning with length and height before moving on to mass.


If you'd like to support your child's learning this term, why not pop to the library to borrow a graphic novel, or find a comic for them to read!

Week 19th and 26th March

In Maths we are learning how to add using the column addition method. We are thinking about adding the ones first and then the tens. Please see the method below. 


In Topic we are putting on our creative hats! We are designing and making our very own superheroes through model making. We have thought about the materials we will need and the steps we will need to take too, for example, painting first and then adding the detail. We have also been healthy superheroes and designed our own healthy smoothie recipe before turning it into a 'Superhero smoothie'. We will spend some time evaluating our designs and decide on the things that went well and things we would improve next time. 


We will also be exploring the Easter story and the traditions. 

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Picture 1

Week Beginning 12th March


This week, we had hoped to have a visit from a real (animal) super hero - Kimba the Guide Dog. Unfortunately his owner was unwell and they were not able to come to see us. However, this did not stop us from learning lots about the work that Guide Dogs do, and why they are so important. The children still managed some great writing about their learning, even thought they were sad not to meet Kimba.


In maths, we have been continuing to develop our knowledge of numbers to 40, using a number line to work out more and less and beginning to add larger numbers together.


We have also been using the laptops to draw scenes and setting from different stories in ICT.



Some of our Guide Dog writing:

Some of our Guide Dog writing: 1
Some of our Guide Dog writing: 2

Ordering numbers to 40

Ordering numbers to 40 1
Ordering numbers to 40 2

Week beginning 5th March 

This week in Maths we have been exploring numbers to 40. We have been counting in tens and ones, for example, 10,...20,...30,... 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45. We have also started writing our numbers above 20 in both digits and words. We have then taken this learning on further by linking this to our place value and looking at how many tens and ones in numbers above 20 (please see photos below for examples). 

Picture 1
Picture 2

In Science we thought about the best materials to use to make a superhero cloak out of and designed them too. We had to justify why we chose certain materials too. For example- Is metal too heavy? Does it need to be waterproof? Do I want a flexible material? 


In topic we learnt about a real life superhero by exploring history. We learnt about Florence Nightingale- a nurse who saved many lives during the Crimean War. We wrote about her significance and also an interesting fact we found out- ask your children some of the things they found out about Florence Nightingale as we studied her from childhood.  

Week beginning 26th February


This week we have been talking lots about the weather, with the children remembering their learning from last term - we have even been measuring the temperature to see just how cold it really is!


In maths, we have continued measuring to find length or height but we have used non-standard measurements (cubes, paper-clips or straws) and started to use a ruler to measure in centimeters (standard units). 


In science, we thought about the materials that can be recycled and had a go at sorting some rubbish into glass, metal, plastic and paper/card. The children were all fantastic recyclers, and also produced some great poster to encourage others to be green.


I topic, we have been looking at comic books and graphic novels in more detail, and producing our own speech bubbles and thought clouds.


On Tuesday, we celebrated World Book Day a little early with a surprise visit from Bookman. The children  enjoyed the assembly and workshop, exploring lots of different books. 

Sorted ready for recycling..

Sorted ready for recycling.. 1


Bookman! 1
Bookman! 2
Bookman! 3

Week 19th February 2018

This week in Maths we have been comparing the length and height of two or more items. We have thought carefully about the language long, tall, short and high. We have had good fun trying to find someone shorter than us but taller than a friend! Some good problem solving this week! 


In Science we thought about all the different materials that things are made from. We then went on a material hunt around the school seeing if we could spot metal, plastic, fabric, glass and paper in things around us. 


In topic we started to think about how superheroes sometimes appear in a book or situation rather quickly! We thought about the words we could use to describe this and had a go at writing these down and making up some of our own too. 


Also ask your child about the 'Healthy Balance' song we learnt to remind us how important it is to keep healthy and safe.