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Term begins Monday 16th April at 8:40am

Term 5 - Dinosaur Planet

Week 16th April

This week in Maths we have been learning about the weight and mass of an object. We have been thinking about the terms heavier and lighter. We have then moved onto weighing objects with a non-standard unit of measurement (for example cubes) and comparing the weight of two different objects. 

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In Science we have looked in depth at the signs of Spring and how day length varies. We have also learnt the months of the year that make up Spring. 


In topic we have really delved into learning lots about dinosaurs to start the topic off. We have looked at information books and discovered lots of interesting facts, explored our special box of dinosaur fossils as well as learning lots of new language. 


In our PSHE lesson we are thinking this term about relationships and our family and the fact we are all important. 

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This term we will be learning all about dinosaurs - we will be using real fossils to help us understand how we know so much about the dinosaurs and finding out about Mary Anning, one of the first fossil hunters. We will be thinking about what a dinosaur ate for dinner, and how we can tell this from its teeth and maybe even its poo! 


In science, we will be linking all we know about dinosaurs to their closest living relatives - reptiles. We will also be learning about different groups of animals such as mammals, birds and amphibians and how we know what group an animal belongs to.


We will also be having a visit from  Jonathon's Jungle Roadshow so that we can meet some reptiles up close.


In maths, we will be beginning with mass and capacity, before moving on to multiplication, division and fractions.


We're really looking forward to another busy and exciting term!


If you would like to learn more about the history of fossil hunting and dinosaurs in Oxfordshire, the Oxford Natural History Museum and the Oxfordshire Museum in Woodstock are both fantastic places to visit... and best of all, the are free!