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We look forward to term starting on Wednesday 6th September. Have a great summer.

Term 6 - Who lives in a rock pool?

Week 1 

This week reception have been introduced to our new topic 'who lives in a rock pool?'. We will be looking at lots of different seaside themes and, fingers crossed, the weather will improve so that we can recreate the beach in our new sand pit!


We've been looking at the sound and sights of the seaside and also learning how dropping litter at the seaside can affect the environment. We found out how litter can hurt animals and marine life and how we should take our litter home if there isn't a bin nearby.



In Literacy, we've started some holiday news writing using our super phonics skills! Some of the children have really started to make huge progress in their writing and the staff are all very proud!



We've been working really hard to practice our measuring skills in maths using non-standard units. We've been choosing units that suit the object that we are measuring and making sure we always use the same size units. We've also been finding out what it's like to learn in year 1 and have started to work in groups when completing activities. 


Look at us measuring our hand span!
Picture 1

Week 2 (12th-16th June)


In Maths this week we are thinking about doubling and halving a given number. We will be doing this through a range of practical activities such as doubling the amount of spots on a ladybirds wings so they have the same on each side. 


In Literacy we are continuing to write our holiday news and really think about our sentence structure. 


In topic we are continuing on our seaside theme and linking this more specifically to what lives in a rock pool. We will look carefully at the story- 'Sally and the Limpet.' We will discover what else lives in a rock pool aside from a limpet and why these creatures live there. 

Picture 1

Holiday Writing

Holiday Writing 1

Week 3 

The children have had a busy week this week and have been loving the super hot weather! They've been working so hard getting ready for year 1 and have been showing super listening skills during their phonics time and maths time. 



This week the children have been continuing to explore our theme, who lives in a rock pool. We've selected a beautiful wordless picture book, 'Wave - by Suzy Lee',  to inspire the children to create some amazing seaside pictures. We've been exploring the illustrations and looking at how the sea becomes a character and plays a game with the girl. We've also been using this to explore emotions and feelings.



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3


In maths we've been continuing with our carousel of activities (to get the children ready for year 1), and they've been practising their subtraction in various different activities. There's a very exciting pirate treasure game, raisin subtraction and a Lego subtraction game. Ask the children to count back with you to find the answer to simple single digit subtraction problems. 




Week 4 (26th-30th June)

This week we are moving our seaside and rock pool theme on by linking this into Pirates. We are looking at the book- 'The Pirates Next Door' and using this to inspire our learning. We will be exploring floating and sinking by making our own boats and testing them out. We will create maps and a message in a bottle too.  


In Maths we are starting to think about number bonds to ten. We will be looking at which pairs of numbers go together to make ten. We will be exploring this in a range of ways and one way we will do this is by printing with lego pieces on a piece of paper split in half- do the two halves add up to ten? Why not try this at home too. 



Picture 1
Picture 2

Weeks 5 - 7 (3rd July-21st July)

In these last three weeks of the Summer term we will be busy finishing off our Pirate link to our Rock Pool theme. We will be reading pirate stories, looking at non-fiction books too and discovering more about pirates.


In Maths we will be looking back over things we have learnt over the year and have challenges set to complete too as a whole class, in groups and also in pairs. This will include one more and one less than a given number, recognising numbers 1-20 and adding and subtracting. Remember to spot opportunities for this at home and whilst out and about too! 


There will also be some big events on too such as sports day and a pirate day for Reception, whilst all this is going on keep reading everyday at home too.