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Our curriculum is rich and balanced across all subjects.  We follow a thematic curriculum which allows pupils to make connections across and between subjects progressively year on year.  Key skills are also built into the curriculum to allow knowledge to be of great depth. 

Key Stage 1


  Year 1 Year 2
Autumn 1

Bright Lights Big City  (Geography Focus)

English: recounts, labels and captions

Geography: directions, maps, capital cities, countries

ICT : digital images, coding

Hop on board a bright red bus and visit London with us!

Trip to: Royal Festival Hall to see the London Philharmonic Orchestra

Moon Zoom

We will learn about the solar system and find out about real astronauts.  We will design spaceships looking at the features that are required for an expedition to space!





Autumn 2

Enchanted Woodland

visit to a woodland

Wildlife and trees -Plants and animals, identifying and classifying plants and animals. 

Working with natural materials

Looking after the environment




Land Ahoy

This term we will study maps - real and imaginary and explore floating and sinking. We will find out about some real pirates and amazing sea rescues. 






Spring 1

Splendid Skies - Geography/ Science

Finding out about the weather

Exploring art work with the theme of the weather

Investigating the effects of the sun

Seasonal changes


Street Detectives


This term we will find out more about where we live and explore the old and the new to compare.  We will also study a very special street: Pudding Lane to find out about a huge event that started at a bakery....


Spring 2

Super Heroes

This term we will describe our favourite Super Heroes, create fact files and find out about real life super heroes (animals as well as humans!).  We will explore senses and make superhero sound tracks. 




Towers, Turrets and Tunnels

This term we will visit a real castle to explore the towers, battlements and find out more about the different parts.  We will build strong structures of our own and find out about tunnels around the world.  We will also find out about the amazing engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel - and find out why part of Great Western Park is called Brunel Rise!








Summer 1

Dinosaur Planet History focus

English: Non chronological reports, fact files

History: Events beyond living memory, Mary Anning






Scented Garden

This term we will become plant experts.  Building on from our learning in Year 1, we will find out how to look after plants and draw on some help from the experts. 






Summer 2

Rio de Vida  Geography focus

Comparing Didcot and Brasilia!

Carnival masks



Wriggle and Crawl

We will explore our school grounds and further afield to identify mini beasts in their natural habitat.  We will write a guidebook to help others to identify them. 



Key Stage 2 Year 3 and 4



Year 3 Year 4
Autumn 1 Tremors: What happens when the earth shakes? In this project we will find out about the dangerous world of natural disasters.  We will study different types of rocks and sort them. We'll investigate the Earth's layers and the location of volcanoes.  We will study the Roman city of Pompeii and become archeologists uncovering what happened there in AD76.  Traders and Raiders
Autumn 2 Mighty Metals: Mighty metals are everywhere.  This term we are going to become physicists, exploring the world of forces, metals and materials.  We will explore the forces in the playground and look closely at levers.  We will investigate magnetism.  We will think about why some metals rust and discover the properties of different metals.  Burps, Bottoms and Bile
Spring 1


We will find out about animals to discover how they move, what they look like, what they eat.  We will compare the human skeleton to that of animals and investigate food chains. 

I am Warrior
Spring 2 Flow: this term we will focus on the mighty River Thames, investigate the water cycle and think about how rivers are formed and shape the landscape.  Misty Mountain Sierra
Summer 1 Scrumdiddlyumptious: We will find out about all different foods and investigate fruit and vegetables.  We will study food groups and think about Fair-trade.  Potions
Summer 2 Tribal Tales Playlist




Key Stage 2 Year 5 and 6

Term Year 5 Year 6
Autumn 1 Pharaohs Frozen Kingdom
Autumn 2 Star Gazers A Child's War
Spring 1 Gods and Mortals Darwin's Delights
Spring 2 Scream Machine Blood Heart
Summer 1 Off with her Head Revolution
Summer 2 Beast Creator Hola Mexico