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We look forward to term starting on Wednesday 6th September. Have a great summer.

Towers, Tunnels and Turrets


Towers, Tunnels and Turrets!


This topic will take us on a journey of discovery, meeting lots of characters along the way...

See the castle ahead? Get ready to invade the castle walls! Shoot a projectile with an archer’s arm! After this, we will explore fairy tales and will meet Rapunzel, who lives in a tall, tall tower.

Then we will dig deep, deep down making burrows and tunnels, just like the animals underground.

What’s that sound? I hear little hooves going trip, trap, trip, trap over the rickety bridge. Watch out for the angry troll underneath… He likes to gobble up little girls and boys! We will make sure we build a bridge that's sturdy enough to take the weight and get us safely to other side.

And finally, we will meet three little pigs who need your help to build a strong fortress. Inside its walls, they’ll be safe from the big, bad wolf! No huffing and puffing will blow your fortress down!

Week 6 (w/c 6th February)



We have continued with our work on bar modelling, this week focusing on solving subtraction problems. For example:



This week we are focusing on bridges and have looked at the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We received a letter of complaint from Tarkum the Friendly Troll who was upset by the way that Trolls are portrayed in fairy tales as grumpy, smelly, unkind creatures. We then imagined that we were the Troll from The Three Billy Goats Gruff and wrote our own letters of complaint to the Fairy Tale Council to tell them about our noisy goat neighbours who make a lot of noise as they trip-trapped over our bridge! We used key phrases such as I am writing to complain about..., I was outraged to discover... and I would like it if...


In DT, we have designed and constructed our own bridges from spaghetti and marshmallows!



We enjoyed our last lesson on gymnastics by exploring the large apparatus!


Week 5 (w/c  30th January)



This week we have started to learn about the bar modelling approach. It has helped us to visualise an abstract maths problem, enabling the children to see the relationships between numbers and operations we have been learning about so far.

Here is an example of one of the problems that we looked at and how bar modelling helped us to solve it.




In our topic lessons, we have continued to think about the story of Rapunzel. We have written newspaper articles to tell the story.


We have also been thinking about a story called The Tunnel by Anthony Browne. It is about a girl who has to decide whether to follow her brother through a dark tunnel. We have had lots of discussions about what Rose should do and how she is feeling. The children took part in a conscience alley and shared their decision at the end.







We have been continuing to observe the changes to our bulbs that we planted a couple of weeks ago. We have noticed that many of them have grown shoots and roots.




Week 4 (w/c 23rd January)



This week we have continued our work of measure, this time we have been learning about length. We have been learning how to measure length in both metres and centimetres. We had a very chilly outside Maths lesson where we used metre sticks and a trundle wheel to measure parts of the playground. We have also used vocabulary longer, shorter, more than and less than to compare lengths.




This week we have learnt to retell the story of Rapunzel. The children learnt to sequence the story and had a great discussion on the most important part of the story and were able to share their opinion about why they thought it was important.

In Geography, we explored famous towers and landmarks from around the world, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and Petronas Towers. The children enjoyed finding them in a real life context using  Google Maps to look for them in a real life context and then identified the countries on map.

Week 3 (w/c 16th January)



We have been exploring volume and capacity this week. We have been able to compare the volume of amounts using the phrases more than (>), equal to (=) and less than (<). We used measuring cylinders and jugs to pour a given amount of water.




We have started to construct the castles that we designed last night. It is great fun and we all have a very clear vision of how we want our castles to look and the features that they will have - some castles even have secret tunnels!



We have started an experiment where we will be observing how plants can grow from bulbs as well as seeds. We will be observing how our daffodil bulbs develop and measuring their growth.




Week 2 (w/c 9th January)


What a busy week we are having!



We are continuing our work on time. This week we have continued to learn to read the time from an analogue clock as "____ minutes past ____ o'clock". We have learnt how to draw hands onto a clock to read a particular time, paying particularly close attention to how the hour hand moves.



We had a really fun Science lesson where we started by building a castle wall. Then we imagined that we were knights attacking a castle and made projectiles to fire and knock it down! We made predictions about which materials would be the most effective at knocking the wall down and set about testing which was the best!





We have started work on our model castle. We have looked at all of the junk modelling that we have collected and have drawn detailed plans for how we want our castle to look by considering which materials we can use.


Week 1 (w/c 4th January)


Welcome back! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas break.



This week in Maths, we have been learning to tell the time to intervals of 5 minutes. We have been learning to say the time as "______ minutes past". We have had lots of practical experience of changing the time on clocks as well as practicing reading the time on a clock face.





We have kick started our new topic by sharing facts that we already know about castles and have been coming up with questions that we would like to find out the answer to. We have explored how castles designs have changed over time as technologies advanced. We are really looking forward to our trip to Warwick Castle next week!



Every week we have African drumming lessons with Mr Ashton. This week we have been learning about rhythm.