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Don't forget it is the summer fete on Saturday 7th July - 12pm to 3pm


Week 7

Maths –Subtracting numbers to 10,000

In maths this week we have continued to look at subtracting numbers up to 10,000 using the standard column method, with pupils really being able to grasp the key concepts of regrouping the different columns. We have also looked at solving some different reasoning questions using our knowledge to help us pick out the key bits of information from a question to help us solve it.


English – Book Review

In English this week we have finished our terms book of Pebble in my pocket that has linked very closely to our tremors topic. The pupils task was to write their own book review, highlighting key pieces of information that they think are relevant to tell someone who is interested in reading it. The pupils were given the opportunity to plan what they would like to write, noting down key characters, settings and who they think the book is aimed at to aid them in their writing.


Topic – Stone Sculptures & Volcano Making

This week in our topic lessons we have been putting all of our knowledge that we have gained throughout the first term together. We have had lots of hands on experience exploring the worlds natural disasters, whilst creating our own pebble sculptures, looking at how we can stack them in different ways to create some great masterpieces. We have also used our artistic sides to make our own volcanos, basing them on some of the world’s most famous ones that we have explored, whilst being given the chance to explode them to help resemble a volcanic eruption.

We built and exploded our Volcanoes

Still image for this video

Week 6

Topic and English – Earthquakes

This week in our terms topic of tremors we have been exploring one of the world’s most dangerous and feared Natural Disasters of Earthquakes. We have discovered how Earthquakes happen, looking deep into the Earth’s crust at its tectonic plates and the ring of fire that is home to many of our Earthquakes and Volcanos. The children were asked to use their knowledge to create a short presentation to perform to the class highlighting some interesting facts about Earthquakes, whilst looking deeper into the topic at the link between Earthquakes and Tsunamis and the effect that they have upon the planet.

Our topic also linked in closely with our English lessons this week, with the children being given the task to imagine that they had experienced an Earthquake first-hand, writing a letter home to describe what it was like. The children were asked to use formal language, separating their work out neatly into paragraphs to allow the reader to clearly see the changes in topic throughout the letter.


Maths –Subtracting numbers to 10,000

In maths this week we have moved on from addition with our new focus being subtraction. The children have been introduced to the standard column method, starting the week off with some simple subtraction questions building up to subtraction with regrouping different columns.


PE – Martial Arts taster session

The children had the opportunity to take part in a Martial Arts taster session, that was taken by two professional coaches who compete at a good level in the sport. We had the chance to learn one of the sports routines, whilst being given the opportunity to put our skills to the test using the pads in our pairs.

Week 5

Topic – Roman Towns

This week within our topic we have been learning all about Roman towns during the time of the Pompeii Eruption. We have discovered the similarities and differences of life 2000 years ago to now, putting all of the key information we have gathered into a poster presentation.


English – Pebble in my pocket

During English this week, we have finished our class book of pebble in my pocket, with the children being set the task to create their own story, taking their pebble on a journey for its next 80 million years on Earth. The children were able to plan their story using a story mountain, to set it out into 5 main parts. As well as creating some sentences to include within our story using our new found knowledge of different sentences types that we have been exploring over the past few weeks. The children were then given the opportunity to put all of their planning together to write their stories, producing some strong pieces of work that reflect the effort that they have been putting into their learning during the first term.


Maths –Adding numbers to 10,000

In maths this week we have continued to look at adding numbers up to 10,000. With the children mastering the column method and the idea of regrouping digits into the correct columns. This has set us up nicely to move onto subtraction next week, again taking the pupils learning to the next level.

Week 4

Topic – Pompeii

This week within our topic we have been learning all about the city of Pompeii. We have been able to discover the reasons behind making Pompeii such a well-known place, with it been home to one of Europe’s famous volcano’s Mount Vesuvius. The pupils have been able to explore the city through digital technology, finding out lots of facts and key pieces of information related to the explosion back in A.D 79. The pupils have used their new found knowledge to create scale maps to show the volcanos vast size, whilst producing information leaflets about the disaster highlighting those key facts and reasons behind Pompeii’s popularity.


English – Pebble in my pocket

During English this week, we have continued to read through our class book of The Pebble in my Pocket. The pupils have been able to show their understanding of the book by interpreting sections in different ways. We have looked at creating our own freeze frames, where the children were asked to create a scene from the book in their table groups, holding different action shots showing expression for added effect. The pupils were also asked to look at the story from different animal points of view, retelling a series of events using similes and metaphors for added detail.


Maths –Adding numbers to 10,000

In maths this week we have been looking at adding numbers up to 10,000. The pupils started the week using 2 digit numbers, slowly building up to adding 3 and 4. As the week progressed we have also explored how to carry digits across regrouping the ones, tens, hundreds and thousands to make sure we are confident when adding tricky numbers. Pupils have continued to work at a mastery level being able to highlight the importance behind regrouping numbers correctly whilst being able to anticipate any misconceptions before completing their tasks.

English Freeze Frames

English Freeze Frames 1
English Freeze Frames 2

Week 3

Topic – Volcanos and Rocks

This week within our topic we have been learning all about Volcanos, investigating how they form and erupt over a period of time. The children were then given the task to label the different parts of a volcano, whilst explaining how they form in their own words, from the knowledge that they have built up over the week. The children were also given the opportunity to take part in their own investigation to determine whether certain types of rocks float or sink. We were able to make predictions before carrying out each test, talking through the outcomes together to suggest why we think certain types sank.


English – Newspaper Article (Monserrat Volcano)

Our English this week has linked in very closely with our tremors topic of volcanos, exploring one of the world’s well known volcanic eruptions from the Caribbean island of Monserrat. The children were set the task to become newspaper reporters, reporting live from the scene of the eruption. They were asked to discuss the events leading up to the explosion, describing what it was like live at the scene and how it has affected the people who live there. The children were able to produce some excellent reports using a variety of different describing words and similes to grasp the reader’s attention.


Maths – Place Value to 10,000

In maths this week we have been looking at place value digits to 10,000. The children have extended their knowledge from last week’s lessons comparing, sequencing and identifying relationships between 4 digit numbers. The children have continued to justify their answers beginning to work at a mastery level, discussing why certain digits have specific values when in particular columns.

Week 1 & 2

Topic – Rocks and Erosion


This week within our topic we have been learning all about rocks, discovering the different types of rocks that there are and how each of them are formed. The children have had some hands on experience physically sorting out the different rocks into categories based upon their properties. Whilst bringing in their own rocks that they have collected over time highlighting their key features and pasts based upon the knowledge they have gained throughout the week. We have also explored erosion, learning about how it effects the things around us over a period of time. With the children taking their learning beyond the classroom exploring the schools site for indicators to any erosion that has occurred.


Maths – Place Value to 1,000


In maths this week we have been looking at place value digits to 1,000, exploring all of the different ways that we can show our understanding of each individual unit through a mixture of equipment. The children have taken their learning to the next level by being able to justify their answers to one another, whilst having a go at creating their own questions for their partner to complete.


English – Pebble in my Pocket


In English this week we have started our new book ‘Pebble in my Pocket’. The children have looked deep into the book with their imaginations having only being introduced to the front cover of the book, completing different task to build that suspense and anticipation to read it. The children have been able to express their views and understanding of the book as it links in closely with our tremors topic, being given the opportunity to examine the journey that pebbles go through over millions of years.