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A MASSIVE thank you to all our parent volunteers who helped with our Nursery and Year 3 adventures today! We couldn't do trips this without your support and it is very much appreciated.


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A welcome from the Principal - Mrs Alison Ashcroft


A very warm welcome to GEMS Didcot Primary Academy.  We are so looking forward to working with you and your children when you join our school.  


At GEMS Didcot Primary Academy, children will be immersed in a learning environment that will enable them to be equipped to be successful in a rapidly changing world.  They will learn to be resilient, creative and have a growth mindset.  They will learn that struggle and challenge are vital parts of the learning process and will be able to cope with, and adapt to, change.  They will have hands on experiences and we will continue to foster the natural insatiable curiosity that they are born with into sustaining a life long love of learning.  This will start right from our nursery class and continue into Year 6.  


In addition to this your child and yourselves as parents will be welcomed into a very special community that is continuing to grow and evolve. There are multiple opportunities to get involved and we will keep you informed about your child's progress throughout the year.  


Please look at the information on this website, but this does not replicate a visit!  We would love to be able to show you round our fantastic facilities and let you experience the wonderful ethos of learning that we have already established for yourself.



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