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Friday 16th November is non uniform day for all children in return for a donation to Children in Need.

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Principal - Alison Ashcroft

Vice Principal - Sarah Scrivener

Assistant Principal and Key Stage One Phase Leader: Andrea Brown

SENCO - Emma Rawlings

Business Manager - Bethan Gorsuch

Office Assistant - Jenny Hearn


Nursery Teacher Acorn Class: Hazel Fildes-Smith

Early Years Support Workers: Cathy Venes

Teaching Assistant: April Hawkins

Reception Teachers: Emmy Taylor (Hazel)  and Karie Ledster(Cherry)

Reception Teaching Assistants: Kelly Marshall, Lucy Wall and Gemma Portman


Year 1 Class Teachers: Alexandra Tackie Yarboi (Beech Class) and Samantha Duckett  (Maple Class)

Year 1 Teaching Assistants: Di Bradley, Laura Curtis, Kate Smith and Stacey Eccles


Year 2 Class Teacher: Andrea Brown (Willow) and Claire Middlemore (Rowan)

Year 2 Teaching Assistants: Leanne Collins, Nicole Bennett, Lucy Curran and Irene Galan


Year 3 Class Teacher: Ben Hyde (Sycamore)

Year 3 Teaching Assistant: Tina Bone and Irene Galan


Year 4 Class Teachers: Chris Lamming (Birch) and Lauren Cronk (Elm)

Year 4 Teaching Assistants: Sally Foster, Laura Milnes and Irene Galan


Lunch time supervisors: All Teaching assistants also have a lunch time supervisor role.


Catering Staff: From Edwards and Ward: Wendy Ash cook.


Caretaker: Shane Matthews

Cleaners: From Rapid Commercial Cleaning Services Ltd