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Don't forget that it is an INSET day tomorrow, Friday 21st June! Enjoy your long weekend & we look forward to seeing you all on Monday 24th June!

Wriggle and Crawl

This term both Willow and Rowan classes will have PE on Wednesday and Thursday. Please make sure children have their PE kits in school, and earrings are removed. Thank you. 

Week 3 (w/c 17th June)



In English this week, we have been continuing to read about Belle. We have learnt that this year, she is given her mother's old bicycle and can't wait to explore. However, she isn't looking where she is going, has an accident and discovers that she is lost. We have written a note giving Belle some advice - many children decided now would be a good time to eat her emergency croissant! 


We have left Belle in the forest, astounded by a conversation with a bee, while we learn more about bees. We have been learning to take notes from a short video and then structuring those notes into a plan. Next week, we will be using our plan to write a short report about bees.



We have been continuing to think about position and direction this week, realising that the directions we give depend on the way we are facing. We have compared left and right with clockwise and anti-clockwise, and used our knowledge to give directions:





We have been thinking about all kinds of minibeasts this week, and using

our observational skills to make a model. We have then researched the creatures, and created some fact-filled posters.  


Finally, we have been measuring temperature and investigating the best insulating material in our CREST science lesson this week.




Week 2 (w/c 10th June)



This week we have started our new book. The title has not yet been revealed! We have been looking closely at the illustrations and text to make inferences about the main character, Belle. We have found out that Belle is going on a special journey to visit her grandparents, we have considered what items we would take with us on a special journey. We also discovered that Belle is given a special gift by her grandfather. What gift will she be given this year?



We have been learning about position and direction. We have started of by thinking about describing movement using the key words left, right, forwards and backwards. We have left about the importance of thinking about the way that the person/object is facing. We have given instructions to a partner.

We have also learnt to describe turns - quarter turn, half turn, three-quarter turn and full turn as well as  clockwise and anti-clockwise.


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4


We have officially started our new topic, Wriggle and Crawl, this week. We have answered the question "What is a minibeast?" and have used a classification key to identify them. We have also learnt about how minibeasts are suited to their habitats.

Week 1 (w/c 3rd June)


We have really enjoyed our STEAM week learning about the threats to our planet from plastic and other pollutants, and trying to think of ways we can help. We have looked at the role Bees play in an ecosystem, and why they are so important. We were saddened to learn they are under threat, and thought carefully of ways we could "Save the Bees". We have also been making pom-pom bees - it has been a busy and exciting week!



We have based our English this week around the text The Curious Garden by Peter Brown.

We have  considered what kind of town we would like to live in - the dull, dreary town at the beginning of the book, or the town full of colour and life (with the help of the garden and Liam the gardener) we see at the end of the book. We have also thought about how the change in the environment might have changed the way the people in the town behave, by spending more time outside for example. We have then used adjectives to create some descriptive poems, trying to give the reader a picture of the garden with just the words we use.



In maths, we have been learning about temperature. We remembered that it is measured in degrees celsius, and have been using addition and subtraction to find out the difference between two or more temperatures - how much warmer or cooler. We have also taken our maths outside, taking part in a mathematical  scavenger hunt around the school to put into practice lots of the things we have learnt this year.



In our CREST science investigation this week, we also went outside to investigate the types of minibeast that we found in our school grounds. We learnt how to identify them using a key, and tried observing them to draw a diagram of the creature we found - this was tricky as some of the creatures just would not stay still! Finally, we thought about the habitat that we found the creatures in, something we will be considering in greater detail later in the term.

Our CREST science investigation - Animal Adventures

Our CREST science investigation - Animal Adventures 1
Our CREST science investigation - Animal Adventures 2
Our CREST science investigation - Animal Adventures 3
Our CREST science investigation - Animal Adventures 4