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Get creative with Art and Design


Pupils at Didcot Primary Academy are exposed to a wide range of artists, media and materials in order to develop their artistic skills.  Pupils are taught progressive skills from Year 1 to 6 across: drawing (pencils, charcoal, pastels, chalk, felt tip, pen and ink), painting (acrylic, watercolour, poster paint), sculpture (clay, papier mache, Modroc, wire, plasticine, play dough, natural and man made materials), printmaking (utensils, vegetables, foam, polystyrene, string, block, stencil, digital), collage (weaving, paper, tissue paper, crepe paper etc), photography, and appreciation skills.  They are also exposed to a range of different artists - both famous- historical, contemporary and local.  Where possible, children also have the opportunity to work alongside artists.  In the last few years we have worked with Rachel Barbersi who used the children's ideas of light to inspire her own work exhibited in the local Boundary Park club house, Michael Condron, whose work is due to go up outside UTC in the near future and clay artist Rodney Harris, who is using ideas from children at our school to include in a public art installation on the exterior of the new community rooms which are currently under construction. It has been exciting to work with these international artists and to ignite children's passion for the creative arts. 


Jan 2019