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Don't forget that term finishes at 1.30pm on Friday 19th July. The new academic year starts on Wednesday 4th September. We look forward to seeing you all then, have a lovely Summer holiday!

Autumn 1

Week 6

15th-19th October


This week Acorn class have been learning all about autumn. We started the week with an autumn walk, collecting leaves, sticks and other autumn resources to incorporate into our learning.


             Conker painting                       Story time in our outside classroom



              Number challenge



                                         Our autumn walk




Week 5

8th-12th October


How are you feeling? This is the question we have been exploring this week. Acorn class have engaged in many activities that have supported and developed their knowledge of what feelings are and how we express them. 


As part of our topic, this week the children have been introduced to two of our Yoimoji's.


    Fizz is a kind Yoimoji and he                 Chomp is a patient Yoimoji who  

          likes helping people.                                 can wait his turn.



We have also introduced "Princess, Dragon and Helicopter stories" into our week. The children tell an adult a story and the adult scribes this for them. The story is then read by an adult and the children work together to act out the narrative to the class. These will be continued all year and the children will eventually be able to write their own stories.












Week 4

1st-5th October


What a wonderful week of exploring! The children have had so much fun using good listening and good looking to get to know and develop new friendships. 


               Sharing a picnic                            Taking turns on the bikes



        Building houses as well

               as friendships                              





Week 3

24th-28th September


'We are Family!' This week we have been celebrating the diversity of family life. Acorn children have been busy drawing, writing, painting and talking about their families. Thank you to everyone who sent a family photograph into Nursery, be sure to check out our 'Who lives in a house like this?' display located in the classroom. 


              Building a house                                Who is in your family?



  Using the IWB to create pictures                   Counting and sorting



                Number play                                       Chalk drawing 



                Name writing


Week 2

17th- 21st September


This week in Acorn Class the children have been sharing their 'All about me' bags. The bags allowed the children to find out about others interests and begin to develop new friendships.


Also this week:


  We've been practising turn taking!                     Number play



            Catching the wind                               Practising cutting skills



  Cooking up a storm in the kitchen                       Messy play



                      The rain couldn't put a damper on our exploring time!






Week 1 

10th-14th September


This week the children in Acorn class have been busy getting to know each other, the class routine and exploring their new environment.

Nursery staff are extremely proud of how quickly the children have settled into nursery and we are looking forward to a great year!