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Don't forget that this Friday 11th October is an INSET day. The school is closed to all children including Nursery.

Autumn 1

Week 5

30th September-4th October 2019


This week we were delighted to welcome so many grandparents into Acorn class to share stories and draw pictures as part of our topic 'Why do you love me so much?'      










Also this week:

Acorn class enjoyed using the larger PE equipment to develop their balancing and gross motor skills.








Week 4

23rd-27th September 2019


Acorn class continue to develop their social skills and are beginning to understand and follow the school day. We have continued our topic 'Why do you love me so much?' by engaging in a range of activities. To carry on from our topic the children have been talking about their families and why they love them.


          Taking care of our babies                                  Drawing 'My Family' on the interactive whiteboard



                                                                                   "I've made a plane, I'm flying to Paddington with                          "Painting My Family"                                                           my family." 






Week 3

16th-20th September 2019


Acorn class have settled well into the new school routine and continue to explore their new environment. This week the children continued to get to know one another by engaging in 'all about me activities' sharing likes and dislikes and beginning to understand differences and similarities between each other.


This week Acorn class enjoyed their first PE session in the hall. The children enjoyed using their gross motor skills to kick, throw and roll large balls, also, using bean bags to develop their balancing skills. 











 Also this week:


        Making a heart for someone they love                             Exploring and playing with numbers



                           Messy play                                                           Tap-a-shape pictures




Week 2

9th-13th September 2019


The children have had a great start to their first term in Nursery! They have settled well and are beginning to follow the daily routine. Many new friendships have been made this week and the children are enjoying getting to know one another.