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Don't forget that term finishes at 1.30pm on Friday 19th July. The new academic year starts on Wednesday 4th September. We look forward to seeing you all then, have a lovely Summer holiday!

Autumn 2

Week 7

10th-14th December


It's beginning to look like Christmas! The children have enjoyed taking part in the Christmas activities during exploring time. They have been working hard to develop their mark-making skills by writing letters to Father Christmas and developing their scissor control by cutting out pictures to create a Christmas list. 






 This week we have also been making Christmas trees using 2D shapes, we have explored and spoken about key vocabulary such as: sides, corners, straight, round.












Week 6

3rd-7th December 


This week we have developed and continued our topic 'Can I have a dog?', the children were very excited to meet Kimba and his owner Nicola, who is visually impaired. Nicola spoke to the children and explained that Kimba is a special dog that helps her carry out her daily routines. Kimba is able to guide Nicola to the local shops by voice command, although she often finds that Kimba leads her into McDonalds for a tasty treat! Kimba was very calm and enjoyed meeting Acorn class and the children were able to have a cuddle with kimba at the end of the session.






Also this week:


    Problem solving with Numicon



        Name writing with chalk


Week four

19th-24th November


This week Acorn class have continued to explore and develop their knowledge of caring for pets and other animals. 


      Catching and counting fish                            Building a hutch



                                       Practising cutting skills



     Role-play in the vet surgery                 Matching pets with their homes



 Where's my mummy matching game




Week three

12th-16th November


It has been an exciting week in Acorn class! We started our topic 'Can I have a dog?' with a visit from Jungle Jonathan, the children were able to have a hands on experience with a range of exotic animals. 












Also this week:


      Building homes for a pet                      Role-play in the vets surgery



        Role-play mark making                       Animal footprints in paint





Week two

5th-9th November


This week in Nursery we have been learning about Bonfire night, we discussed our experiences of Bonfire night and how to stay safe around fireworks. The children created a safety poster which is displayed on our 'What are we celebrating?' board. 


    Using ICT to support our learning                   Firework painting 



We have also been learning about Diwali, the festival of light. we watched a short film about how children prepare for and celebrate Diwali. We have done lots of exciting activities in Acorn class to help us with our learning.


Using play dough to create a Diva light.             Creating Rangoli patterns



                                                             Using shapes to create colourful patterns




Week one

29th October- 2nd November


'I'm Stick Man, I'm Stick Man, I'm Stick Man thats me!'


This week we have been reading the story Stick Man by Julia Donaldson.  We have been doing lots of activities about Stick Man including painting with sticks, drawing our own Stick men and using the easy listeners to listen to the story independently.