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Tree decorations need to be in by Friday 27th November please

Bright Lights, Big City

Week 3 w/c 16th November 



In maths we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes and their properties. We will then use these shapes later on in the week to make repeating patterns. 


We have learnt the 6 different parts of a tree and what their job is too. 


In topic we have really  been thinking about Geography. We thought about typical weather for the season as well as learning about London and writing facts we have learnt. We have also been looking in detail at the London Landmarks too. 

Other learning.......

We have talked about Anti-bullying week and being 'United' against bullying in our Jigsaw lesson this week. 

In PE we are continuing with our 'Jungle' dance. 


Next week.......

In maths we will be focussing on tens and ones in a 2 digit number. As well as London from a birds eye view! 

Week 2

 9th- 13th November



In maths this week learning has been focused on finding the difference through subtraction, and comparing addition and subtraction statements. The children have been working hard through practical and writing activities to understand these maths concepts and use the subtraction and equals signs correctly. Please see the photos below of the children hard at work.



Our topic of ‘Bright Lights, Big City’ is now in full swing! The children have been busy thinking about what a city is and what makes a city. We have found out that a city has a cathedral, lots of buildings, shops and people and usually has a river running through it. We also looked at human features in our local environment and made our own maps of the local area, thinking about the locality of nearby features, such as Asda, Boundary Park and Costa.



In science this week we learned about different types of tress, learning the meaning of ‘deciduous’ and ‘evergreen’- ask your child if they can explain the meaning of these words to you! The children then had a go at sorting a selection of leaves into the two different categories.


Other learning.........

In PE this week, the children have continued to focus on dance and combine different movements.

In our daily phonics lessons we are continuing to learn and use sounds in words and write sentences.

On Wednesday in our RE lesson we continued to think about Christmas and how this is celebrated and on Friday we learned about the celebration of Diwali.

In our Jigsaw Jack session, we asked the children to notice differences between themselves and discussed how having differences and being unique is great thing!

W/C 2nd November 

In maths we have been learning all about subtraction. We have learnt to recognise the symbol - and how to put this in a number sentence. We have used the crossing out method and a part whole model to help us. See below for examples and how you can continue to support this at home. 


We have introduced our new topic Bright Lights, Big City this week which is all about the city of London. We have explored some landmarks and the Queen has invited to us a Royal Tea Party which we will be attending later this term- we do hope the Queen isn't too busy and can come! 


We have taken our topic learning on further by looking at where London is on a map. We looked at a UK map and named the 4 countries and then found out London is the capital city of England. Why not ask us to show you our body dance which helps us locate the 4 countries! We have also explored the physical features of the UK, recognising features such as hills, coastline, flatlands and rivers. 

Other learning....

In science we looked at how the seasons changed and focussed on Autumn, naming September, October and November as the three months of Autumn. 

In RE we listened to the Christmas Story and thought about why Christmas is important to Christians and their beliefs. 

We also started French this week and learnt basic greeting such as hello and goodbye. 


Next week.....

In maths we will be continuing our work on subtraction. In PE we will develop our jungle dance and in topic we will be looking at cities in more detail. 



We have been playing a game in maths to warm up our brains and if you would like to play at home go to 'Top marks, hit the button' and explore number bonds to ten.