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The school office opening hours are now 8am to 3pm. If you need a password for someone else to collect your child/ren you will need to contat the office before 3pm each day.


Week 2 (w/c 14th September)



In maths we have been practising our counting to ten and have been doing this both forwards and backwards. We have then moved onto thinking about one more than a given number and one less than a given number to ten too. 

Some of our maths methods used


We have been thinking all about our own childhood starting with how we grow from a baby through to adult hood as well as thinking about how this looks on a timeline. 

We also described an important event in our own life such as a birthday or wedding. 


We have been thinking all about the human body. We have been naming the parts of the body as well as thinking about what different parts do! We made new versions of the song- Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes too! 

Could you do some of these at home too using different body parts?! 

Other learning.........

We did our first PE lesson this week and the children practised throwing and used this skill to defend their own goal (hoop) to stop their opponents bean bags. 

We are continuing to practise phonics daily.


Next week.........

In maths we will be comparing both objects and numbers and thinking about which set or number is greater or smaller. 

We will be continuing to think about our bodies in science and will carry out an investigation on our memory! 

In topic lessons we will be learning about life in the 1950's and look at how things have changed. 

Week 1


All of the children in Beech class and Maple class have had an excellent start to Year 1! The Children have been introduced to the new routine and rules of being in Year 1 and there has already been some great learning going on.



Throughout week one and two we have been revising previously taught phonic sounds. The children have been working hard to write words linked to the daily taught sound and also write a simple sentence.



This week our focus in maths has been number, including, sorting objects, counting objects from a group of ten, representing objects and representing numbers to ten. The children have been working hard to remember to count carefully.






During weeks one and two, our topic has been focused on the book ‘Here We Are’ by Oliver Jeffers. This has prompted us to think about planet Earth and our place within this world. We also thought about ways to keep ourselves safe and healthy and ways to look after the planet. The children carried out an activity that made them think about how they had changed since they were a baby and the different stages of life. This linked nicely to the Term 1 topic that we will be starting next week- ‘Childhood’, and we have had a class discussion about what we would like to find out during this topic.

Next Week

Next Thursday the 17th September PE lessons will begin. Children are asked to come to school in their PE kits please and dress appropriately for the weather as PE lessons will be outside as much as possible.

Next week will begin our new topic called ‘Childhood’ and continuing phonic revision. In maths we will be continuing to think about number, focusing on counting forwards and backwards and counting one more and one less.